VIDEO: Showcasing Brick and Mortar Businesses

One of the most frequent erroneous criticisms of information & relationship marketing is the idea that it only applies to selling information itself (e-books, CDs, DVDs, downloadable items, etc)

So I wanted to take a moment today to show you how packaging up the INFORMATION (features, rational benefits, and emotional benefits) in a plain old brick and mortar business can be used as a powerful way to sell prospects, and create an emotional bond that keeps them coming back.

In fact, it’s rather frustrating to me to hear the above criticism over and again, since both Sharon and I honed our marketing skills NOT so much on e-books and CDs (although I DID market a slew of those in the middle of last decade), but on traditional consumer products like electronics (Panasonic), food (Lipton, Kraft, Nabisco), washing machines (Whirpool), and even things like dental care supplies (Henry Schein)

What I want you to walk away from this video with is the understanding that when you can truly identify the point of difference features benefits in your market, and then link those to emotional hot buttons strung into an authentic story… you’ve got a powerful sales machine no matter WHAT you’re selling.

In fact, it’s even more powerful (and easier to implement) when selling hard goods, or a traditional brick and mortar business with a local presence, because people know they’ll actually get a chance to SEE and SMELL you, whereas in an information business you have to create a relationship without actually having a relationship (if that makes sense)

Sharon’s a master at honing in on the right features, emotional benefits, and stories that sell… pay attention not only to the overall video, but to (a) the questions she asks; (b) when she intervenes; (c) HER emotional mood and tone when she does so; (d) WHAT she’s going after.

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