Web = $, Web x Phone = $$$$$$

If the web = $, then web x phone can equal $$$$$$ on steroids. (Someone will have to apologize to Lance Armstrong for me since I neglected to explain this to him years ago)

Listen, there’s a short list of things every entrepreneur knows they absolutely SHOULD add to their marketing mix to dramatically improve  conversion and increase transaction size… and most of them require some labor and forethought, so 80% of entrepreneurs fail to ever get around to doing it.

For example, adding 1-click upsells almost always significantly increases transaction size.  And if you do it right (generally just one hyper-related upsell that supercharges the results they came to the cash register for in the first place) your customers will be HAPPIER with you for it, not annoyed by the process.

But by far the MOST significant force multiplier internet entrepreneurs ignore is… you guessed it… THE TELEPHONE. Pick up the telephone and talk to your prospects, then watch your conversions soar.

For example, Brian Therrien took my previously Glenn-Optimized conversion from under 3% to over 26% using a simple courtesy call process after the opt in.  (NOTE: Brian says if 90% of your prospects don’t genuinely welcome your call you’re doing something horribly wrong!)

But there’s a LOT more than meets the eye to doing phone sales right…

It’s really NOT just a matter of being willing to stop hiding behind electrons and actually talk to people.  That’s just a necessary but not sufficient condition for making this work…


So that you can maximize empathy for the prospect’s dilemma and maximize the chance they’ll actually get on the phone with you, engage in a meaningful conversation, and be willing to take action at the next level (whatever that is in your business).

In this brilliant interview Brian gave me, this funny looking phone genius went through many subtle nuances of the phone process you can use in your own business, regardless of whether you’re a multi-million dollar entity with dozens of employees, or if it’s just you, your computer, and a bag of Cheetos sitting in the basement…

Have your head examined please if you decide not to  listen to this…

Because if you’re looking to the web for $, you could be looking to the web x phone for $$$$$.

Got it?


Now go pick up the phone and convert someone!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Uhm, duh… listen to the interview first.

PPS – Brian’s looking for just a few strategic partners for whom he can implement phone sales entirely on a commission basis.  For the right company he’ll take care of recruiting, training, supervising, tracking, paying, and motivating the sales staff in exchange for a percent of the sales he generates.  (And I’ll be helping him do it by supervising the web-integration,  and persuasion/conversion arguments)