Who is Kilgore Trout? (no googling – that’s cheating)

Sometimes we in the internet marketing crowd get so caught up with Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, Conversion Rates, Split Testing, Blogging, SEO, and the like, we forget that the purpose of all marketing is to change the emotional state of your prospect.

That’s because people only buy based upon the promise of fulfilling human needs, … and emotion is what we experience in anticipation of having those needs fulfilled.   In other words, people give you money when you move them from feeling sad, scared, or mad –> to GLAD.

This is true even, or perhaps especially if you think what you’re selling has no emotional component.

For example, a guy looking for a particular wrench in a hardware store… something you might think is a pure commodity…  wants it so he can make or fix something at home.  At minimum, he wants to feel EMPOWERED or a SENSE OF CONTROL.  And in some cases, I’d go so far as to say he wants to feel “Attractive” (’cause fixing the sink might just get him a little booty from the Mrs.)

Now, here’s the thing.

Because selling is a transfer of enthusiasm, you have to feel inspired yourself or you’ve got nothing to transfer.  But the growing complexity of the internet tends to draw us away from those things which have inspired people for ages.  We think we have to reserve all our time for studying information products, reading marketing and business books, etc.

When was the last time you read a good novel?  Something that shook your perpsective and made you think differently?

You’d be surprised how valuable THAT can be for your business.

Something to think about.

Who is Kilgore Trout?