Win a Free 1 Hour Marketing Make-Over with Myself and Howie Jacobson

I’ll make this brief…

Howie Jacobson wrote a new book.

It’s fricking awesome, but it’s not about marketing… at least not directly.

It’s about our f’d up food industry and the political forces which distort the truth in the scientific community.

So here’s the deal (and please note I don’t make a dime from this)…


Because Howie needs to get a g’zillion genuine reviews as quickly as possible (and I DO mean genuine, please don’t hold anything back whether positive or negative), he and I are holding a little contest for my audience.  On June 19th, we’re going to pick the MOST GENUINELY INSIGHTFUL review in our sole judgment, and organize a GoToWebinar hour with the author.  We’ll give you the best of our marketing brains for that hour, and try as hard as we can to genuinely transform your business.

Simple, right?

The truth is, the value we’ll give you will be eclipsed by the value of reading the book itself in your life (as hard as that might be to believe)…

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon

And below is an AMAZING SHORT INTERVIEW with Howie about the book I can’t recommend more highly.

ONE MORE THING AND IT’S IMPORTANT:  After you’ve written your review, you must send an email to let Howie know to  (Otherwise we won’t be able to tell who’s from my list and who’s just in the general public)

Enjoy 🙂