Your AdWords Punch – Should You Hold Back?

Part of the art of marketing is knowing exactly how hard to push your message, how much to promise, how much to hold back.  For example, I just typed in “weight loss” in Google, and here’s the top ad:

Now,  on first glance it strikes me as being right on the outter edge of believability.

When I reflect upon it seriously, I doubt it’s actually possible to lose ten pounds a week… EASILY and consistently.   (Maybe you could do it the first week… or if you weighed 500 pounds when you started and walked 10 miles a day while only eating dirt and rocks, etc)

I’ll bet you anything these guys are “punching too hard” to build a loyal customer base, though they may be very profitable on the front end transactions.

On the other hand, a little further down the page was this ad:

I know for a fact the Medifast people–and their affiliates–build their profits on a continuity model (I once tracked the weight loss and meal replacement category for about 6 weeks) … look at the level of “just right punch” which is winning the long term customers.

Last, here’s one from page FOUR of the sponsored ads which is clearly not punching hard enough at all, in my humble opinion:

To drive home the point, here’s a VERY emotional, visual demonstration (pretty much everything my wife does is VERY emotional!) of the need to find just the right level of “punch” for your marketing campaigns … it’s only 2 and a half minutes, and I guarantee you’ll never forget it:

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