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Single Most Important Adwords Keyword

What’s the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ADWORDS KEYWORD in your business?  If you had to choose only ONE keyword to rank for, and only one to advertise in PPC, what would it be?    What are searchers on this keyword thinking and feeling as they bounce from competitor to competitor?  Who’s winning the game on this keyword conversation, and why?

What are THE FEWEST KEYWORDS WHICH WILL MAKE YOU THE MOST MONEY in your market?  And, when you’re doing keyword research, how, specifically, will  you decide when you’ve strayed too far from your keyword bull’s eye?  

If you can’t answer these questions without thinking about it, I know two things about you.  (1) You’re either overwhelmed by your Adwords campaigns, or they’re either not converting as well as you KNOW they could be (or with as much volume as you know is possible in your market); (2) you’re losing valuable customers, money, and time every day.  

You see, because every keyword is a conversation, when you’ve got too many of them it becomes next to impossible to effectively market any ONE.   It’s king of like being in a “keyword candy store” without your Mom there to stop you from over-indulging and getting sick.

The results are hours wasted chasing distracting keywords which never really convert … and worse, dilute your understanding of the core “keyword conversation” you’re positioned best to sell on.  Too many keywords = continual distraction from delivering a laser focused, effective marketing message.    

You’ll need to consider three critical elements of any keyword candidate you consider:

  • PERCENT RELEVANCY: Some keywords are filled with searchers dead on qualified for your business.  Others are virtually meaningless to you.  Most are somewhere in between. As you go from keyword to keyword looking for the “Bulls Eye” (and you definitely need one – the ultimate ‘elevator speech’ for your business), you’ll need to factor in relevancy as part of the equation
  • VOLUME: When you choose a given keyword as your bulls-eye, how does that effect the overall volume on the whole archery target?  (Including the most closely related keywords)?
  • PRICE: When you choose your single most important keyword and define a 100% clear set of related terms on the archery target, how much money is actually changing hands on that whole target? 

Hopefully the above has given you food for thought and will help you focus more clearly in your business.

But if you’d REALLY like to climb out of the buzzing, booming keyword confusion I call “Keyword Quicksand” … the trap which leaves most marketers with shattered profits and broken hearts … and see the step by step mathematical FORMULA I use to combine relevance, volume, and price into one number to choose your archery target with precision (immediately eliminating distraction), please sign up for at least one month of the hyperesponsive marketing club.

You’ll see how to find the most important “BULLS-EYE” keyword for your business  … why it’s no longer necessary to spend days doing keyword research, and why you may be harming your ability to succeed when you do.  You’ll finally have the confidence to “just say no” to seductive “quicksand keywords”

The  hyperesponsive marketing club contains my best, most up to date thinking on EVERYTHING I know about marketing online … and it’s clear, simple, and extremely affordable.  (Some marketers say “in comparison to how much you can make”, etc … but the truth is, this thing is extremely affordable, period … plus for the moment, you also get “Adwords Checkmate”, “How To Choose Your Market”, and 5 other valuable bonuses when you join  hyperesponsive marketing club)

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Content Network Curse

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Emotional Copywriting Magic

What if you understood something about your market that no one else did. What if you could see the entire STORY your prospect was engaged in … the problem they were solving, what role they wanted you to play, how they wanted you to transform their lives with your copy? This has got to be one of the coolest interviews I ever got out of Sharon … see how you can get your copy to write itself.  Enjoy!

Dr. G 🙂
Make Them Buy | Double Your Progress or Double Your Money Back

Maximum Adwords Results in Minimum Time

Here’s the first teleseminar I promised in answer to all your questions, and it addresses the general feeling of overwhelm many people have at all the details, keywords, adgroups, landing pages, and campaigns which grow out of a typical online marketing effort.  (More teleseminars in the making … we’ll keep going until we’ve answered all your questions!)

Overwhelmed with your adwords account? Not sure if you’re spending the right amount of time on the right campaigns, groups, keywords, and reports?  How do you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck?

Here’s a FREE MP3 with Jeff Hughes, my partner in … a man who spends as much as $20,000 PER DAY of his own money in an unbelievably huge Adwords account.  Over the course of the past 4 years, Jeff’s developed a very structured and deliberate system for managing an adwords account with leverages the 80/20 principle and ensures your best thinking is applied with priority to your most important account areas … with a precision and simplicity you’ve not heard elsewhere.

I REALLY want you to list to this one … because it can dramatically improve your results and free up your time.  (You’ll hear a welcome “sigh of relief” across most of my subscribers after they go through this, I’m sure)

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Adwords Bragging

Sorry … just had to brag for a moment. (This is a testimonial received for The Naked Truth About Internet Marketing)

Email From A Client Who Previously Heard Me Present Hyper-Responsive Adwords Methods

“Hi Glenn, I just picked up your Truth Profits program and I gotta tell you…I was blown away by the PPC section you included. Like a lot of internet marketers, I’ve lost my shirt (and close to my pants! 😉 in getting pay-per-click completely WRONG for so long. I’ve purchased several programs but all they seem to do is tell you Google’s “rules” or how to try to “game the system”.

The format that your team used with discussing PPC was like being a fly on the wall as real pro’s discuss what’s REALLY working in this area. It’s obvious that the other marketers you teamed up with were somewhat challenged at some point with PPC. They asked all the right questions (for beginners and pro’s)…and you gave some incredible answers in a real step-by-step format.

I listened to the recording 3 times in a row and found new tips each time. In fact, I listened to it while on the treadmill at my gym and had to keep jumping off to scribble down the thoughts and ideas as they came pouring into my head! (I think you’re personally responsible for about 750 calories I could have lost if I’d just been able to keep running! Won’t hold it against you!)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I’ve listened to many of your recordings in the past but this one is by FAR the best yet. This section alone was worth far more than the price I paid.

Thanks for the tips!”

Jeff Anderson Chicago, IL

The Invisible Web

Did you know that there are some places online that not even Google can reach?

This is a potentially very valuable source of competitive intelligence for your business.

The thing is, search engine spiders can’t (or don’t) type in search phrases when they come upon databases. What this means for you is, there are literally thousands of catalogs, databases, and indexes you can find which your lazy competitors won’t bother to work with.

Just think “database” and add your keywords.

Suppose you sell special fish shaped trophies for fishing enthusiasts. (Hey, it’s a niche!)

Try searching Google for “fishing database”.

Here’s one I found:

It’s a database full of individuals entering their catch information. Hmmmm … can you say “a prospect list your competitors didn’t think to look for?”

Much more to come …

G 🙂

PS – We’re compiling all your survey responses and planning our tele-seminars and articles … thanks for your input!

Internet Marketing – What Do You Want To Know?

I’d like to give you something very special this month, because I know a lot of people are struggling, and also because, well, I like to give 🙂   (And of course, I know when I keep doing that, it’s like money in the bank because of the good will it builds)

Anyway, it occurred to me earlier this month during our Rocket Clicks strategy meetings that I’m now in a VERY unique position to offer you content because of the talent we’ve gathered.  Literally, we’ve got not only some of the world’s best PAY PER CLICK TALENT, but also a VERY strong LANDING PAGE and  CONVERSION team, and TOP NOTCH SEO TALENT too.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to put together a series of customer appreciation teleseminars and interviews with our team.  (I might even do one of these live in person if enough people wanted to come out to Milwaukee for a day, but for now we’ll stick with the telephone and web distribution).

It’s simple … just answer two questions below (in the comments section)  and I’ll take it from there, getting our absolute top talent to address your issues … and I won’t stop until we cover them all.

Here they are:

1) If you could actually sit down for 30 minutes with an entire team of skilled online marketers with expertise in PPC, SEO, and CONVERSION METHODS, and get a detailed answer to ONLY ONE QUESTION … what would that ONE question be?

2) How much of a difference would a genuinely solid answer to your question make in your business and your life?   Why?  Specifically what would change?

The more details you give, the harder we’ll work to address your question.   (Note: in order to prevent spam we’ve had to automatically filter out comments with more than one URL, so please refrain from listing multiple URLs or we won’t see your question)

GO!  (Leave your answers in the comment section)

Adwords Antimonials

Apparently, the FTC is working on regulations which require marketers to show more typical results.   They’re addressing a real problem … what if only 10% of customers get amazing results, whereas 90% of them lose a fortune?   If we only show the top 10%, we’re misleading customers, right?

But marketers honestly be expected to aggressively display their BAD side?

I’m actually in favor of it and plan to do so.

In fact, I’m COINING a new term right here and now “ANTIMONIAL(tm)”. (An Antimonial is genuinely negative customer feedback published right along with Testimonials to give more credibility and honestly to your sales presentation)

I have the opinion that honestly displaying negative feedback about your materials, along with your own response and defense of same, gives people the right to decide for themselves.  And if what you’re offering has genuine value, the fact that both positive and negative commentators are displayed will make it obvious that you’re telling the whole truth.

It also puts more pressure on us as marketers to actually DELIVER, because we won’t be able to hide behind a short list of satisfied (and sometimes manic) customers anymore.

So let’s start with this very post … let me have it please!  (What am I doing wrong?  How can I improve?  And if you’re so inclined, what am I doing RIGHT too?)