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Disturbed Emotional Copywriting with Ben Settle

Let me ask you a question.  If the following four emails appeared in your inbox, which one would arouse your curiosity?  Which one would you be most likely to click?

  1. “30% off today only”
  2. “trust me on this one Glenn”
  3. “it ends tomorrow”
  4. “disturbing things I do in the phone”


Ben Settle is a master of mixing entertainment and sales.  He writes some of the most compelling subject lines I’ve ever seen (he says he grabs ideas from Comic Books), and implements a very unique style in his blog.

Honestly, I can’t help but look when I get an email, or see a new post from him in my Google Reader.

This was one of the more entertaining and fun interviews I’ve done this year, enjoy!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Be sure to download the comic book classified scans we talked about in the interview.

PPS – In order to use emotional copywriting effectively you need to have KEYWORD FOCUS.  That’s because you can’t know the concerns, objections, and true motivations of your market if you don’t know where your market begins and ends online.  And because the internet is indexed by keyword, you really need to isolate your single most important keyword using very solid rationale.  It’s the only way to write truly powerful emotional copy that attracts hyper-responsive prospects!

Another Reason Internet Businesses Fail: The Myth of Work vs. Play

There’s another very important reason most internet businesses fail, and it’s one which will seem abrasive and wrong when you first hear it.  I virtually guarantee this post will solicit numerous “Glenn, you’re a really smart guy but you’ve got this one wrong” comments.

And that’s exactly WHY  it’s such a powerful vehicle for sabotaging our success… because it slips into your thoughts like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It’s the MYTH of Work vs. Play.

That’s right.  The idea of  striving for a “balance” between work vs. play is the wrong paradigm.  It  doesn’t  lead to a balanced, contented, and joyful relationship with your thriving internet business, even (and perhaps especially) if it becomes wildly profitable, and more importantly, it won’t make you happy.

Just hear me out OK?

Let’s look at work vs. play for every other mammal on the planet.

Here’s the thing, what starts out as play naturally evolves into their work.

For example, when a cute little wolf cub grabs a stuffed animal and shakes  it back and forth, it’s actually practicing a behavior which evolves into an essential kill move later in life, during the hunt.  (Your cute little puppy is doing the same thing, by the way).  And when your kitten scoops water out of the bath tub with her little paws, she’s actually practicing to feed herself and her babies by fishing later in life.

In the animal kingdom, play is practice for work.    Play is instinctually gratifying to young animals because it’s work without the pressure (much like we “play house” as small children).   And these behaviors naturally evolve into their more mature forms.

There is NO artificial distinction between work and play in the animal kingdom, which is why you never hear a wolf complain he needs a vacation.  He’s GENUINELY HAPPY he gets to hunt.

But people have broken this natural chain of events.  We’ve come to think of work as “doing things we’d rather not do but must in order to survive”.

So rather than resolve to find work which feels like play to us… to be genuinely happy when we hunt, we strive to eliminate work from our lives because it’s become so unpleasant.

This sets up a pattern for failure because passion is the essential ingredient for overcoming obstacles.  If you hate “being in the office”–working on the myriad of activities we need to accomplish to make progress as internet entrepreneurs–then when things get tough, there’s nothing to carry you through.

And this is what drives us to jump from project to project, course to course, conversion method to conversion method, traffic technique to traffic technique, looking for anything to “take us out” of this thing we hate called work.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can consistently strive to integrate your enjoyment into your work, and that doesn’t mean being tethered to a computer, or doing what someone else tells you to do.

For example, people often ask me how I produce so much valuable free content for my list.  The answer is, I usually don’t do it while I’m chained to my desk.   Most of my best ideas come to me while I’m hiking and listening to MP3s.

I’m surrounded by nature, physiologically stimulated during exercise, breathing incredibly fresh air… my mind works!  As soon as I’ve got an idea I whip out my smart phone and either record a voice memo or shoot myself an email so I can share my enthusiasm with you.   Then when I get back to my computer to write and record it, it’s a natural, easy, and exciting process.  Really, it’s a lot of fun.

I frequently meet people on the mountain who ask me what I’m doing, and I tell them “I’m working”.  They laugh, but I’m dead serious.

A lot of people will call me a “workaholic” when they read the above story, and that’s exactly my point.  They don’t realize that I’ve fought incredibly hard to integrate my love of life into my work.  They think I’m just incredibly lucky to have this lifestyle, and they don’t know it’s the result of effort and struggle (with many, many sticking points and downturns) which all started with “how could I enjoy my work as much as I enjoy hiking?”, NOT “how can I work less and play more”

But because most people’s mindset is “how can I work less and play more”, they live for the weekends, obsess about vacations, and dream of the day they retire.  (I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve seen fall into a major depression within months of retiring due to the shock that it doesn’t really fulfill their life’s dream)

Their sole motivation for work is to not have to work anymore.

And I think that’s the problem in a nutshell for internet entrepreneurs.  Because marketing is all about imparting value to your market, and the ultimate value is love.

How will you EVER love your market if you hate your work?

Something to think about.

And if you’d like ME to take you by the hand and help you channel your love of play into your work, please click here before January 1st, 2016.

Dr. G 🙂


Peel and Stick in the Real World


People tend to become very myopic about their Google accounts, and often fail to see the broader picture.

Google doesn’t work the way it does just to benefit Google.  They’ve developed a very granular “peel and stick” reward system because that’s the way marketing works in the real world.  In fact, it worked this way long before we all so easily exchanged electrons at almost-better-than-light speed.  (Listen to the SHORT MP3 at the bottom of this post)

Because most people don’t get this, they don’t fully leverage the REAL conversion power of peel and stick.   Instead they thoroughly master the technical aspects of working within Adwords, but leave their Adwords copy, landing page copy, salesletters, and follow up sequences entirely too broad to take advantage of the targeted, cheaper traffic the Google machine makes possible.


Their reasoning has to do with market volume.  They want to ensure they can sell to high volume keywords in the market.  But as a result there’s no real specificity in their follow through, so the system as a whole remains dramatically less focused and effective than it really should be.

Here’s the one liner to write inside your eyelids:

“Great things happen when you CONTRACT your message, NOT when you expand it”

To make the concept more palatable, I recorded this short interview with Sharon about marketing success OFFLINE, in the real world.

I thought it might help you to see how big brands (not the big dumb ones Perry always talks about, but the SUCCESSFUL big brands who have launched effective and massively profitable campaigns via well researched and well thought out market positioning) utilize this principle when they’ve got literally BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Because you’d think of all companies, they’d be the ones concerned about market volume, and would look to target a very broad spectrum of the market with their positioning.

But it turns out the opposite is true, at least for those really well run and successful brands.

This one really fascinated me personally…

And I have to say, after 22 years, my wife still entertains me!

I really hope you’ll listen.  And I don’t just mean I hope you’ll play the interview.   I hope you’ll get the message and consider how it might apply to your market positioning, especially if you think you’ve already got this one covered.  (It’s only 17 minutes, so you can listen right now)


Dr. Glenn 🙂

PS – The central goal of the first month in my Bulls Eye Marketing Club is to achieve this type of focused messaging by developing 100% confidence in a drastically reduced keyword archery target.    (We use a spreadsheet which combines considerations of search volume, bid price, relevancy, and your ideal client definition into ONE number so you can confidently compare candidates).

When you can do that, you leave the “keyword candy store” and zero in on the exact keyword conversation you need to understand better than everyone else in your market so you can begin to achieve dominance.   Click here to join now.

PPS – Don’t really write my one liner on the inside of your eyelids please.  That would just be gross, and I was just saying it for effect.  But I won’t object if you pain it on your bedroom ceiling or your front door.

PPPS – I’d also like people who’ve already joined my Bulls Eye Marketing Club to listen to this interview, especially if you have any lingering doubts about whether you’ve chosen the right target, or if your automated-competitive-intelligence-machine from month #2 is feeding back market requests you’re not sure you can deliver on.

Your Marketing Center of Gravity

There’s one mistake I see people make more often than any other (in both Adwords and Organic SEO), which could be defined as not having a “marketing center of gravity”.

You may THINK you know what I mean, and on the surface, you probably do.  But when you watch the video below, you’ll see the IMPLICATIONS are much further reaching, and in many ways the opposite of what you currently think they are.

I can’t recommend you watch this one more highly (I know that’s kind of immodest, please don’t tell my Mom):

Center of Gravity Part ONE:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

Center of Gravity Part TWO:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

Cheat Sheet: Six Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail

Here’s the PDF of the PowerPoint slides from yesterday’s video “Six Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail.”

IMPORTANT: I haven’t opened for new clients in my coaching practice
for almost three full years now.  I’m going to open for one day only
on January 1st, 2016 because I’m feeling a little rusty when it comes
to working with NEW clients…and one of my primary responsibilities
is teaching business coaches how to work with their new clients!
But I’m getting older, busier, and a little more interested in leisure time
so this very well may be the LAST time I take new business coaching clients.
Therefore, if you’ve got any interest in working with me, please read through
the letter at and sign up for the priority notifications list at
the bottom.  The spots will go very quickly, so please watch your inbox on
New Year’s Day after you sign up for the priority notifications list.  The letter
is at

Six Unusual Reasons Enrtrepreneurs Fail

I’ve been at this game a long time now.  Out of about a 1,000 internet entrepreneurs I’ve had as customers, students, and clients, I’d say only about 200 achieved a level of success they were very happy with, and only a few dozen achieved success beyond their wildest dreams.   The rest have come and gone.  (Virtually every internet educator will give you similar numbers by the way,
I’m sorry if I’m the one to burst your bubble.  Please don’t shoot the messenger!)

I woke up this morning feeling disturbed by all this

So I spent my Sunday morning creating this free video about 6 almost-never-talked-about reasons why the vast majority of internet businesses fail.  I hope you’ll make use of it to become one of the few who succeed beyond your wildest dreams, or at the very least, to avoid some of the money-sucking-black-holes most people don’t see until it’s too late.

6 Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail – PART ONE: (Scroll Down for
Parts Two and Three)

Coach with Glenn  (Opening on 1/1/2016) (A little out of date but the methodology is still very valid and workarounds are provided)

6 Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail – PART TWO:  (Scroll Down for
Part  Three)

Coach with Glenn  (Opening on 1/1/2016) (A little out of date but the methodology is still very valid and workarounds are provided)

6 Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail – PART THREE:

Coach with Glenn  (Opening on 1/1/2016) (A little out of date but the methodology is still very valid and workarounds are provided)

IMPORTANT: I haven’t opened for new clients in my coaching practice
for almost three full years now.  I’m going to open for one day only
on January 1st, 2016 because I’m feeling a little rusty when it comes
to working with NEW clients…and one of my primary responsibilities
is teaching business coaches how to work with their new clients!
But I’m getting older, busier, and a little more interested in leisure time
so this very well may be the LAST time I take new business coaching clients.
Therefore, if you’ve got any interest in working with me, please read through
the letter at and sign up for the priority notifications list at
the bottom.  The spots will go very quickly, so please watch your inbox on
New Year’s Day after you sign up for the priority notifications list.  The letter
is at

The Math of Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the most overlooked profit centers in any business which offers repeat product and service values.  In fact, a 5% difference in customer retention can be the difference in the survival or failure of your business.   And the bigger your business gets, the more important customer retention really is.

Below is a little video I made for you illustrating the importance of retention for a membership site, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not relevant to you just because you’re not running one.   Customers are the most valuable (and only real) asset in any business… have a quick look and download the spreadsheet below:

Google vs. Facebook – Advertising Wars

  1. There’s a LOT more advertising inventory available than what you see in Google. (Google owns search, but there are about a dozen other networks with MUCH more inventory for display advertising)
  2. You haven’t been able to get at it yet because of extremely high minimum spends (e.g. $10K to $20K/mo commitments) and because it’s much harder to target effectively …
  3. The coming war between Google (who organizes the world’s information – Web 1.0) and Facebook (who organizes and connects the world’s people – Web 2.0) really defines the differing values and changing search behavior we can expect to see in coming years…
  4. This war should open the vast traffic networks to the smaller entrepreneur (who has prepared the right tools)…
  5. To prepare for the opportunity, please listen to the free MP3 below

If you think your business might qualify for this type of advertising, please submit the paid ppc consultation request and mention this call in the comments section.   If you’re not quite ready for our services but are interested in improving your results yourself, please click here

This interview was inspired by a recent article in Wired Magazine.

Confuse and Conquer – Something Else I Hate

Know what else I hate?   Marketers who live by the dictum “confuse and conquer”. (Listen to my 5 minute MP3 at the bottom of this post please)

They prey on your willingness to believe that there’s just one “secret” thing you need to know, or special piece of software, or important relationship you need to have and then you’ll be a millionaire.   And because you’re confused and don’t understand, you fork over your money.

Do you know what gives them their power?

The 4 hour work week mentality.

People honestly believe there’s something wrong with them if they can’t make themselves rich on 4 hours a week.

Here’s the truth.  In order to stop trading dollars for hours you can’t just stop working.  You’ve actually got to work harder… a LOT harder.  But the difference is you work harder in a sustained way on building SYSTEMS which will then work for you.

Now here’s the thing, … I know everyone’s nodding their head along with this.  But because of the confuse and conquer mentality, people don’t realize just how much work goes into building those systems before you can step away from them.

It’s not “work once, get paid forever”.  It’s “work VERY VERY VERY HARD once, and get paid forever”.

Because as amazing as the internet is for automating your income streams, it’s also the most competitive landscape the world has ever known.  (11 PPC slots in Adwords for example, and anyone in the world can bid for them … that’s almost 7 billion potential suitors you’ve gotta beat to be on the first page!)

So the BAD NEWS is, you’ve got to settle down and become a VIRTUOSO at one business model online if you want to be a multi-millionaire (or even just retire in comfort).  And that’s going to take about 10,000 hours.

Not 10,000 hours until you make money … that happens progressively all along the way for people who settle down, focus, and keep solving problems.  But 10,000 hours until you’ve really mastered the skills you need to shine and have everything you want.

Now, the GOOD NEWS is that most entrepreneurs take 10,000 hours to ACCEPT it’s going to take 10,000 hours, if they ever get that far.   So it takes them twice as long as it should to really master the online craft.   But YOU CAN SKIP THE FIRST 10,000 HOURS by just accepting reality.  (There, I just saved you five years of your life, you can thank me below in your comments … or just tell me to “go screw” if you’re not ready for this level of reality yet)

Bottom line?

Find one way to generate traffic and one way to turn that traffic into dollars.  Settle down and focus on that business plan.  Keep solving problems until it’s humming.

If you’re attracted to my business model, which is to conquer ONE keyword conversation with focus and determination so you become the dominant player in that market, then join me in the hyper-responsive marketing club, won’t you?

You definitely won’t get rich next month (it’s not even within the realm of possibility), but you WILL watch me build a secure and solid foundation for a business, step by step, and learn marketing principles which will last you a lifetime.  Click here to join.     (Or to have Rocket Clicks build your business foundation FOR you, click here)

Dr. G 🙂

Perry Marshall – All My Best MP3 Interviews

Perry Marshall EXTENSIVELY UPDATED his Definitive Guide to Google Adwords today.

To celebrate, I’ve zipped up 6 of the BEST interviews I’ve done with Perry and his office over the years into one big “Fill Up Your MP3 Player Perry Marshall Mega-Download” (there’s an important interview with Bryan Todd, his co-author too.

Perry’s NEW Definitive Guide includes intensive MULTIMEDIA modules on:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • The Content Network
  • “Just Getting Started”
  • Information Marketing
  • Marketing in the UK
  • Copywriting (with Michael Fortin)

Here’s more specific list of changes to the Definitive Guide:

  • Over a dozen brand new chapters covering things like the Content Network, Analytics, Quality Score, and the new interface
  • Over 15 hours of brand new audio files (supplementary content included with purchase)
  • Video presentations on targeted AdWords sections (supplementary content included with purchase)
  • PDF documents and reports never released to the general public before – in other words, stuff from Perry’s private AdWords Vault.
  • Niche specific modules that elaborate on how you can specifically use AdWords to profit in your industry. (Think modules for affiliates, info marketers, etc… )
  • A brand-new “Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce” that takes Definitive Guide owners from zero to building a website, picking a niche, and launching and AdWords campaign profitably.
  • And, of course, Perry and Bryan take you deep inside the AdWords machine, crack the code and reveal how to attract millions of potential buyers in a matter of minutes at the lowest cost possible. With all new tactics and insights, they’ve completely cracked the code anew.

It also includes up to $75 in free traffic from Google for new advertisers.

If you’re marketing in AdWords, you really need to keep up with these changes (personal opinion).   You can pick it up here today

Dr. G 🙂