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2nd Most Unusual Jungle Marketing Idea Ever

February 2010 on the island of Maui, Perry Marshall unveiled a new technology for creating ad campaigns that stand out from everything else in the marketplace. The students he taught used his methodology to beat their own best ads, landing pages, and emails.  Powerful results started to emerge…
– One of his students was able to finally beat their previously “unbeatable” ad after spending $200,000 on Adwords traffic.
– Another student used the concept to increase his conversions by 79%.
But for the past several years he’s been selective about who got access to this technology.
Last week I found out that he’s telling the whole story for the first time – including his journal notes about how he came up with the idea.
The odd story behind it all is that he was on vacation in Costa Rica and was wandering through the forest admiring the efficiency of Mother Nature when all of a sudden he connected the dots to Google Adwords.
(If you know Perry – you know that it’s not at all weird for him to be thinking about Google Adwords while vacationing in the rain forest. For anyone else, very strange)
His notes are a bit cryptic but he’s doing a presentation next week and says he’ll also be
explaining his “Jungle Journal” in more detail in the coming days.
Here’s the link to Perry’s Jungle Journal notes:
Definitely worth attending in my book 🙂
(Of course, as you probably know, I’m also an affiliate, and you’ll be helping finance my “master plan” if you should buy anything after clicking and/or attending the FREE event)

My 6 Most Offensive Blog Posts

On Thursday, I woke up to a blog comment informing me that I had achieved a first page ranking for the term “ugly fat bastard”

Now it turns out this was actually good news (created by an enthusiastic reader sharing one of last week’s posts about YouTube SEO with some interesting anchor text based upon some self-deprecating humor I utilized in the MP3 on that post), but it brought up a good point for me…

It’s not my goal to be offensive…

But I’ve learned over the years that if I’m not WILLING to offend anyone, it’s extremely difficult to write or record ANYTHING worth talking about.

Thus I’ve got many posts with unusual titles, and hard hitting (though compassionate) straight talk within them.  For example, you may have enjoyed (or been offended by) some of my more offensive posts:

Some people have even told me they were offended by posts I considered entirely innocuous, like “Marketing With Your Bald Spot“, “4 Things I No Longer Believe“, or “Human Nature and Your Marketing Mindset

But here’s the point..

If I had NOT risked offending people… indeed if I had not deeply offended hundreds (if not thousands) of people, I would NOT be where I am today.

I wouldn’t have had the chance to deeply connect with the entrepreneurs who make my life as rich as it is.

I wouldn’t have gotten the feedback I needed to grow as a marketer (and as a person)…

I wouldn’t have been able to kick-start Rocket Clicks, build the hyper-responsive club, get my video seo agency going…

And instead of being a nerdy-geek-marketing-psychologist with thousands of customers and a brilliant audience for the hundreds of things he has to say each year–the good, the bad, AND the ugly…

I’d just be a nerdy geek.

Which is not to say that’s the end of the world (more power to geeks!)…

But how much richer is my life, for the simple willingness to risk offending you?

SO… Have I offended you yet?

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – This week, I decided to open up a few extra coaching slots now that I have completed the Total Conversion Code project.   I’ve got 2 slots left, and my slightly-less-ugly counterpart Ryan has 2 as well.  So please click here now to read about how you can  get coached by a real ugly bastard with a damn strong track record of success.

VIDEO: Showcasing Brick and Mortar Businesses

One of the most frequent erroneous criticisms of information & relationship marketing is the idea that it only applies to selling information itself (e-books, CDs, DVDs, downloadable items, etc)

So I wanted to take a moment today to show you how packaging up the INFORMATION (features, rational benefits, and emotional benefits) in a plain old brick and mortar business can be used as a powerful way to sell prospects, and create an emotional bond that keeps them coming back.

In fact, it’s rather frustrating to me to hear the above criticism over and again, since both Sharon and I honed our marketing skills NOT so much on e-books and CDs (although I DID market a slew of those in the middle of last decade), but on traditional consumer products like electronics (Panasonic), food (Lipton, Kraft, Nabisco), washing machines (Whirpool), and even things like dental care supplies (Henry Schein)

What I want you to walk away from this video with is the understanding that when you can truly identify the point of difference features benefits in your market, and then link those to emotional hot buttons strung into an authentic story… you’ve got a powerful sales machine no matter WHAT you’re selling.

In fact, it’s even more powerful (and easier to implement) when selling hard goods, or a traditional brick and mortar business with a local presence, because people know they’ll actually get a chance to SEE and SMELL you, whereas in an information business you have to create a relationship without actually having a relationship (if that makes sense)

Sharon’s a master at honing in on the right features, emotional benefits, and stories that sell… pay attention not only to the overall video, but to (a) the questions she asks; (b) when she intervenes; (c) HER emotional mood and tone when she does so; (d) WHAT she’s going after.

All comments welcome.

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