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Profiting from Instant Market Segments

Today I want to share an MP3 on  one of the most LUCRATIVE techniques in my marketing arsenal

In fact, when done right, this technique is SO powerful I’ve literally seen it boost response overnight by 300%.  (You can download the mp3 above, or listen at the bottom of this post)

AND I have at least one student (Ryan Levesque) who two years ago went from spinning his wheels to making over $250,000 in one of his businesses, simply by implementing this technique in that business…
(Disclaimer: it’s unlikely you’ll experience this level of explosive growth)

Recently, Ryan and I did an interview revealing HOW this technique works exactly (and how he’s using it)…
Okay, so what’s this lucractive technique?   And how does it work, exactly?

In a nutshell, it’s this:

First, you start by asking people a few CRITICAL survey questions…And then you automatically FUNNEL those people into different sales sequences based on HOW they answer those questions.

Sounds simple, right?

It is, except…

There are a few subtle SECRETS which are the KEY to making this strategy work (One of them is something in Psychology called the “Forer Effect” which I’ll get to in a moment)…

But first, I want to mention this:  You see, this “survey funnel” technique is something I’ve been trying to get my students to do for YEARS… (And when people SEE this technique and the results it can give them, many times they WANT to implement it in THEIR business…)

But  most people get STUCK on the actual IMPLEMENTATION, simply because they’re not a “Geek” and don’t have the programming skills to set it up properly…

So they give up, often leaving BIG MONEY on the table…

Or worse…

They walk away from a break-even business that could otherwise become WILDLY profitable – with just a few minor tweaks to their sales process…

In other words, the challenge to making this technique work, has always been something I call the “Geek Gap”…

That is, until now…

Because one of my most successful students (Ryan) has partnered with Jack Born (Perry Marshall’s marketing manager) to come up with a way that automatically FUNNELS people into the sales sequence that’s MOST likely to get them to convert.  (Their solution is brilliant, actually!)

AND if your site is built using WordPress, this simple method completely eliminates that “Geek Gap” I talked about, because it requires ZERO programming to set one of these funnels up.  (Once you see how this works, I’m willing to bet you’re going to rush to set this up on your website too…)

In fact, you can see exactly how the technique I’m talking about works right now by visiting:

(By the way, it’s worth checking this out – even if you’re just curious because Ryan gives a “behind-the-scenes” look at what’s made one of his businesses so successful… And he reveals the POWER behind that “Forer Effect” I mentioned earlier…)

Now I need to mention, I know because Ryan’s giving away one of the big secrets to his success, he won’t be keeping this up for long, so if I were you…

I’d go ahead and check this out now while you’ve got this open and you’re still thinking about it:


My warmest regards,

Dr Glenn 🙂

PS – Because Ryan feels like he has me to thank for learning this technique, he’s willing make the automated solution he’s come up with available to my subscribers for less than HALF of what it costs the general public – through February 29th ONLY… So if you’re even just the least bit curious, go ahead and click on the link below so you can see how this works now:

PPS – For absolute clarity is the 1/2 price site Ryan has set up for people coming through my affiliate link, whereas you can download the FREE MP3 where we discuss the technique below.  I suggest you do both.  (Actually, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t when they see the price, unless they’re allergic to money)

The Culture Code – Why People Around the World Live and Buy

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is a French-born medical anthropologist and psychiatrist who authored The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do.   He’s also an expert known internationally for Archetype Discoveries and Creativity.

Here’s a brief but powerful interview my darling wife did with him a few years back.


Dr. G 🙂

PS – This interview originally found on the QRCA podcast website.