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How to Obliterate Time Wasting B.S.

There’s no nice way to say this.

Well… OK there probably is, but I’m not going to pull any punches…

All of us allow too many precious hours, weeks, months and years to slip by while we occupy ourselves with things which do little, if anything, to move us productively towards our most important goals.

You know the drill… you wake up in the morning with the best laid plans, but before you know it the day’s over and you haven’t accomplished nearly half what you planned.

Why?  Because time-sucking, mostly worthless activities snuck into your day, usually beyond your awareness.

Here’s how to make them go bye bye!


The Very Good Dr. Glenn 🙂

PS – If my new productivity coaching service doesn’t double your progress towards any meaningful goal you choose (measured in any way you choose), I’ll give you double your money back.  No kidding!

Laser Focused Productivity and Accomplishment

If you’re not getting the results you’ve dreamed of in business, weight loss, writing your book, getting that campaign/salesletter/product done…or ANY other important area because there never seems to be enough time, you lose your motivation, get distracted, or just plain keep getting in your own way, then you absolutely need to listen to and/or read the transcript of this interview:

John Chancellor’s helped me immensely with his six step philosophy on productivity and laser focused accomplishment. I actually hired him as yet ANOTHER coach when I’d sworn three coaches at a time was my absolute limit! In fact, his coaching was SO helpful, I set up a specialty coaching service with him at the helm…and made the ballsy guarantee that if this service doesn’t actually double your progress toward ANY goal you choose (measured in any way you choose) in 30 days or less, you not only get your money back, but I’ll write you an extra check to double what you paid!

Psychology, Science, and Profitable Education

Here’s a very interesting interview I was asked to do for an entrepreneur (Jay Cross) in the education space.  It was ostensibly about whether one could profit in today’s day and age with a liberal arts degree… but, since both of us were education AND marketing geeks, the conversation took some very intriguing turns.

Hope you enjoy it,

Dr. G 🙂