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How to Write an Amazon Book Description That Sells – In Under 60 Minutes

It’s the awful truth, but if your description isn’t making your potential readers crave the secrets locked inside your book, then all the hard work you did writing the book itself may go to waste.

My friend and partner Yoav Ezer, now CEO of a website development and strategic consulting firm for authors was kind enough to put together this full training for you.  It’s well worth a watch and listen!

Get the “Amazon Book Description That Sell” Guide

The guide includes:

  • A Short and Simple step-by-step process for creating a book description that sells
  • A “Description worksheet” – Just fill in the blanks to outline your book description
  • The “Book Description Checklist”
  • Four tested bullet templates that create a heightened sense of curiosity about your book

And if you’re interested in getting a complete website and marketing platform for your book, check out…

You can read all about the service, and sign up for it by filling the questionnaire at the bottom of the page.  Serious inquiries only please.