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How to Obliterate Anxiety

Ashley James is a second generation entrepreneur I definitely respect.  And she’s got a pretty cool technique for eliminating anxiety and fear of the future.  You know it’s a cool technique if she got a long time psychologist like me to use it.   I sincerely hope you enjoy it!  I thought this was just about perfect for New Year’s.

Glenn 🙂

Why Brilliant Marketers Go Broke

I know a lot of BRILLIANT marketers.   People whom I’d
happily pay for advice…even though they are constantly
and utterly broke!

Guys with bad credit, wives and girlfriends who can’t
stand them,  and constant anxiety about how to pay
their bills…

How can this be?

It’s pretty simple really.  Smart people who love to study
marketing can get really good at seeing (and even fixing)
the holes in other people’s funnels without investing the
time, money, and pain necessary to do it for themselves.

This does NOT mean that they don’t know what they’re doing…

It does NOT mean their marketing advice is bad…

In fact, it’s often quite the contrary.  Because they have
fallen prey to the pleasure trap of studying marketing and
commenting on other people’s funnels, they’ve actually become
very good at that particular game.

And you know that pleasure trap, don’t you?  It’s the one
where it’s a lot of fun (and makes you feel really smart) to get
together with your buddies and tear their funnels apart… without
having to take the constructive criticism yourself, or embrace the
time and labor necessary to make the corrections, or take the risks
associated with committing to climb a particular business mountain.

Marketingitus is a VERY seductive disease…

Which can keep you stuck as a marketing mouthpiece helping
others indefinitely if you let it.

Thankfully when people actually realize what’s happening and
begin taking the pain (and the risks) it’s not infrequent that things
come together for them…

The key is committing to the RIGHT funnel in the RIGHT market
in the RIGHT business.

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