2nd Most Unusual Jungle Marketing Idea Ever

February 2010 on the island of Maui, Perry Marshall unveiled a new technology for creating ad campaigns that stand out from everything else in the marketplace. The students he taught used his methodology to beat their own best ads, landing pages, and emails.  Powerful results started to emerge…
– One of his students was able to finally beat their previously “unbeatable” ad after spending $200,000 on Adwords traffic.
– Another student used the concept to increase his conversions by 79%.
But for the past several years he’s been selective about who got access to this technology.
Last week I found out that he’s telling the whole story for the first time – including his journal notes about how he came up with the idea.
The odd story behind it all is that he was on vacation in Costa Rica and was wandering through the forest admiring the efficiency of Mother Nature when all of a sudden he connected the dots to Google Adwords.
(If you know Perry – you know that it’s not at all weird for him to be thinking about Google Adwords while vacationing in the rain forest. For anyone else, very strange)
His notes are a bit cryptic but he’s doing a presentation next week and says he’ll also be
explaining his “Jungle Journal” in more detail in the coming days.
Here’s the link to Perry’s Jungle Journal notes:
Definitely worth attending in my book 🙂
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