3 more ways to save money in Adwords

Here’s a few more simple tips for your AdWords checklist which may help you find some extra money this year:

  • For successful content network campaigns, never turn them off for a few days during a slow period (for example during the Holidays).  Instead, use bid scheduling and/or reduce your budget somewhat to slow your traffic. (When you turn OFF a successful content network campaign, you have to fight for your placements again when you turn it back on)
  • Never let a successful content network text ad run in a high traffic adgroup without testing a display version of same.  You may find (especially if you’re willing to increase your bid at first) that you’re able to garner 300% more profitable traffic with a display ad.
  • Never run content network campaigns without regularly processing the content placement report, at minimum to identify poorly performing sites and pages to exclude as negatives.  (Simple, yet a surprising number of people don’t do it).   If a site gets 500 impressions and zero clicks it probably doesn’t belong in your campaign.  Oh, and be sure you’ve evaluated whether Gmail and/or MySpace is performing for you in content, and switch them off if they’re not!

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PPPPS – Thanks to Rob, Loreen, Jered, and Nicole at Rocket Clicks for today’s tips.