Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


Glenn’s marketing consulting companies have serviced literally dozens of  Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, American Express, Astra Zeneca, Bausch & Lomb, Burger King, Chase Bank, Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Grey Advertising, Hallmark, Hunt Wesson, J & J Whirlpool, Exxon, Flagship Banks, Ford Motor Company, General Mills, Gore,J Walter Thompson, Kodak, Kraft, Lipton, M & M Mars, Master Card, Merck, Panasonic, ovartis, Ortho McNeil, P & G, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Pillsbury, Roche, Sara Lee, Unilever, Warner Lambert, Nextel, JJill, and many more.

(Prior to founding his own advertising agency RocketClicks.com Glenn Livingston was the marketing psychologist many companies brought in to crawl deep inside their prospects’ minds to uncover exactly what they were desperate to buy, to improve profits on existing product lines, AND to minimize advertising risk in new markets.  Jeff Hughes is now the CEO of Rocket Clicks.  Glenn sold  his shares to Jeff in Mid-2011)


Monthly income growth from the Livingston's pay per click marketing business (Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva, and MSN adCenter)
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In 2003 Glenn began applying his methods to his own PPC
publishing business. The first 19 months of his results are graphed above.


Articles either about or by Dr. Livingston have appeared in Crains NY Business, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, Indiana Star Ledger, The Milwaukee Business Journal, Marketing News, Quirks Marketing Research Review, and many, many more.


Glenn Livingston have appeared on CBS Radio NY, ABC Radio Seattle, UPN TV News Baltimore, WJZ TV Baltimore, WAGA TV Atlanta, WNTN Boston & WGN Chicago, Bloomberg Radio, NY, KKAR Radio Oklahoma, & WMAQ Radio.


Dr. Glenn Livingston has addressed gatherings for Babson school of business in Boston, MA, the Advertising Research Foundation, New York University, C.W. Post, and Drew College in NJ.


Holding a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (‘Scientist-Practitioner’ model) from Yeshiva University, Dr Livingston formally studied research design and analysis for 9 years. He was an instructor for the multivariate computer analysis of behavioral data labs on the Einstein Medical Campus. Dr. Livingston also holds a web programming certificate from the University of Illinois. Prior to 2001, Dr. Glenn Livingston ran a large clinical practice in Syosset, NY, specializing in work with couples and adolescents. He can juggle five balls and believes you can learn pretty much everything you need to know about life from a mountain.