Adwords 2.0 – Escape the Keyword Candy Store

Terry Dean on the Hyper Responsive Keyword Process (after consulting with ME  for a full day on all his Adwords questions and concerns):

  • If you’d like to thoroughly absorb the application of hyper-responsive principles to keyword selection and AdWords 2.0, the BEST place to start in my materials is the hyper-responsive club
  • COURTESY NOTICE #1:  I’m raising the price on the hyper-responsive club on Tuesday (9/15/09). I’ve been delivering more than 5 times the amount of material most educators provide for less than half the price… and if you’ll excuse my immodesty, I HAVE shared some VERY  significant breakthroughs which no one else previously taught.   In short, I’ve got one of the lowest attrition rates for a monthly club in the whole industry… for very good reason.   So if you’re at all interested, now’s the time to LOCK IN your rate … and beat the hyper-responsive club price increase this coming Tuesday!
  • COURTESY NOTICE #2: On Tuesday 9/15/09  I’ll also be raising the price of my personal coaching board for very similar reasons but you can lock in your rate beforehand.  If you haven’t reviewed the letter for a while, you’ll note I’ve changed the structure of the coaching system this week to in order to allow people to MOVE FASTER THROUGH MY SYSTEM.  (Hyper-responsive club members often inquire how they can “buy ahead” several months, but I don’t allow that without personal supervision. (Painful experience has taught me people take business killing shortcuts when they get 6 months of material at a time… then blame me for the results… which is why the only way I allow people to move faster is on my personal coaching board)
  • The above video was first published on Terry Dean’s blog.  (If you’re not reading it, you’re really missing out… besides being a good friend, Terry’s one of only 5 internet marketers I bother paying much attention to at all, and one of only 3 newsletters I subscribe to.  I’ll let you guess at the others below in the comments if you like)
  • If you’d like your PPC managed for you –>


Note: “AdWords 2.0” is not an official term used by Google, Inc.   “AdWords” is a trademark of Google, Inc.