Adwords Automatic Broad Match

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my head spins with all the different match types Adwords offers, especially when it comes to leveraging their fuzzy logic (which you definitely WANT to do).

I mean, there’s exact match, phrase match, broad match, expanded broad match, and now “automatic broad match”.  Throw in negative exacts, negative phrases,  etc. and you’ll have an aneurysm.

Jerrold Burke is a Senior Analyst in the PPC department at Rocket Clicks.  He proactively contacted me to suggest we do an audio which clarifies how to leverage Google’s fuzzy logic in SEARCH.

Most importantly, in this short and free MP3, we concentrated on Automatic Broad Match, the broadest of the broad.  It’s a feature still in Beta so you won’t yet see it in all accounts, but we’re pretty sure it’s coming down the pike for everyone.

If you happened to have opted into the Beta in 2008 and forgotten about it, you might find you’re dripping money when you look at your Search Query Report (or you might be pleasantly surprised to see the opportunities)

Here’s how to manage the Beast…


Dr. G 🙂