Adwords Copywriting Headaches

Every adwords marketer eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns.  They just can’t think of any more keywords, ad copy, or landing page changes to improve click thru and conversion.

Here’s a different way to break through your wall … try to do the OPPOSITE.

Seriously … spend an hour writing the WORST POSSIBLE ADWORDS ADS you can think of for your market in each ad group.   Ask yourself “if I really wanted to totally destroy my business and/or immediately tank my click through and conversion, how would I write these ads?”

Of course, you won’t publish them.  But giving yourself the freedom to do this will dramatically open your thinking to new avenues and benefits you hadn’t thought of.

The worst possible ads you write will contain, of necessity, the primary objections in the market … once you’ve identified these, it’s EASY to turn them around into positives.

But again, the key is to totally give yourself to the mindset.  When you’re writing BAD ppc ads, write REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD ppc ads!  And enjoy the process.

Here’s an example of an ad I’d like to beat, for my classic old “guinea pig” book:

All About Guinea Pigs
Everything You Must Know About
Pet Guinea Pigs In One Place!

Now, to really beat this I’d give myself permission to do the opposite.
And I REALLY have to go to the extreme … write things which guinea pig  lovers would hate me for indefinitely, things which no self respecting parent would ever click on, things which would get me banned from Google and get PETA to organize a protest on my front lawn.  (For legal reasons, let me be very clear that I am NOT recommending anyone DO anything in these ads, publish them anywhere, or even necessarily read them!  They’re for illustration of the exercise only)

Delicious Guinea Pigs
101 Ways To Cook Your Child’s
Pet While They Sleep (Free)

Guinea Pig Baseball
Amazing New Game Builds
Child’s Confidence – No Balls!

Piggy Poo Machine
Get Your Guinea Pig To
Poo In Your Mom’s Room

Do you see the direction I’m going in?   If I were doing the full exercise, I wouldn’t stop here … I’d force myself to write AT LEAST 10 REALLY, REALLY BAD PPC ADS.  But since I want to illustrate how these can be turned around to GOOD ideas, let me stop here and show you.

Take the first ad … did you experience a kind of “evil smile” when you read it?  That’s because you’re tapping into what every parent feels, but none are willing to admit to themselves.  I’ve spoken to parents who’ve gotten their children guinea pigs without educating their kids about care … then wondered what they got THEMSELVES into.  (Smelly, messy rooms, forgotten feedings, etc).  Many parents secretly want to get rid of their children’s piggies.

How could we leverage that?  How about something like …

Keep Your Guinea Pig
7 Secrets To  Raising Lovable,
Sweet Smelling Piggies Now!

Now, let’s look at the next one:

Guinea Pig Baseball
Amazing New Game Builds
Child’s Confidence – No Balls!

Here we’ve tapped into the same socially undesirable emotion (parents
wanting to UNDO the guinea pig at home) , but combined it with something the parents actually wanted for their children … a nurturing experience to help their child build confidence.  Let’s write an ad that appeals to the second:

Confident Kids Love Pigs
Your Child Will Learn Loving
Responsibility (Guinea Pig Info)

OK, … get the point?  Let’s do the last one:

Piggy Poo Machine
Get Your Guinea Pig To
Poo In Your Mom’s Room

Becomes …

No More Poo Machine
Perfect Guinea Pig Potty
Training In 7 Days or Less

(Note: you can’t really get them to be perfect, but you CAN get’m very clean and they’re easy to care for when you know the facts)

The point is, when you want great ideas, you sometimes have to really give yourself permission to generate the WORST.

Hope that helps,

Dr. G 🙂

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