Building Bridges, Partial Credit, and Marketing Blunders

You don’t get partial credit for building HALF  a bridge…

You could do EVERYTHING right from working with the architects, the city, acquiring the best materials, surveying the land and support structures, etc.

But in the end, if you don’t put ALL the pieces in place and complete the bridge, ain’t no cars getting across that river.

Period.  (End of story)

Either you complete it, or nobody crosses the river, period.

Same thing with marketing funnels…

You can select your bulls eye, define your keyword space, study your competitors, do extensive marketing research, identify a unique point of difference around which to construct a USP, source and/or create your product, manage your inventory, design your site to clearly call out to the right audience (with the right problem they’re desperate to have you solve) , articulate it perfectly in both text copy and video, present overwhelming proof, and even create a credible reason to act with urgency…

But if you screw up the OFFER (price point, bonuses, terms and conditions, competitive comparison, value build, etc), ain’t nobody coming through your shopping cart.  Period.

In fact, if you screw up ANY of about two dozen variables in your sales funnel, conversions go to zero mighty quickly.  It’s a sobering realization…

The fact that you do NOT get partial credit in marketing means if you’re gonna succeed, you’ve really GOT to be made of really solid stuff.

There’s simply no replacement for fortitude among bridge builders.

Which is something you should take comfort in…

Because it means that despite lack of sales in a particular project you’re working on (or your business as a whole) you very well MAY be doing 90% of it right!  In fact, this phenomenon is what makes successful marketing so hard to learn… because it can be very difficult to identify the pieces and parts you’re getting RIGHT when the sales aren’t coming through to reinforce it.  But rest assured, you’re probably getting at least some of it right. (This is why it’s critical to get ongoing feedback from other, more seasoned marketers… if a little bell went off every time something was right in your marketing funnel you wouldn’t need them, but in the absence of sales to reinforce your correct efforts, most marketers “fly blind” until they give up)

Besides, it beats shoveling up after the elephants in the circus for a lowly paycheck, hands down.

Food for thought on a crisp Sunday morning here in New Hampshire.

Dr. G 🙂

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