Can I Buy Your Business?

Wanna to know why I’m DEAD SERIOUS about buying into EXISTING web businesses at this time?  (And why you might want to click your mouse on the link above and tell me all about your situation NOW to see if there might be a good fit)…
I’ll give you ELEVEN good reasons…
1) I can leverage my marketing skills more quickly
in an existing business which already has momentum.
(It takes 85% of a rocket’s fuel to achieve escape
velocity, but steering it to the moon from there is
relatively effortless if you know what you’re doing,
and if you’ll forgive my immodesty… I DO!)
2) I’ve gotten particularly good at identifying
under-leveraged marketing opportunities after my
years teaching, starting up an agency, etc.
3) I’m A+ at marketing… but I rather suck at the rest.
I used to think  all you needed to do to build a big
business was maximize sales.  Now I know there’s a
nasty word called “operations” (and management,
accounting, negotiations, legal, human resources, etc)…
most of which either bore me to tears, or in which
I seem to have a genetic defect.
4) I’m sick of seeing certain types of students
make more money than me with my own advice.  I love
teaching and will probably always do it, but the plain
truth is there’s a LOT more upside in building a big
business (unless you want to lie to people and tell
them they’ll make b’zillions without much work or

5) It takes the same marketing effort (in many cases)
to double an existing, profitable business as one at
a lower level… but the payoff is SO much better.
6) If I develop a “done for you” conversion doubling
reputation, I’ll be able to leverage my existing
relationships with large brands (as a research
consultant) to find a few VERY large deals and a
piece of the pie on a scale most of us never dream of.
7) I now have the experience and credentials to attract
funding when the opportunity is right (plus I’ve got
SOME capital of my own)
8) I have the attention span of a two year old.  Going
in and optimizing an existing system for a few months,
then putting systems in place so I can move on fits
me perfectly… as long as I can work it out to build
residual income from the gains.
9) If one more person says “Glenn, I believe YOU can
do what you teach and I think it’s fricking amazing…
I just don’t believe I can do it myself” I think I’m
going to climb a clock tower with a deer rifle.  So
here’s the answer… under the right arrangement I can
do it FOR you.  (It’s really NOT so hard, but because
of my credentials and reputation people seem to think
it is)
10) I’ve finally been at this long enough to have
enough Glenn-Trained CONVERSION experts I can
trust to help me do the work (and evaluate the
11) At a certain point in your career, it gets easier to
grow by acquiring, optimizing, and taking existing
businesses to the next level, than going through all
the work associated with building a new one.
A lot easier.
So go ahead, please click NOW while we’re still
seriously evaluating opportunities to see if yours
might be a good fit.