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Negative Keyword Slides

A few months ago we delivered a killer Negative Keyword Webinar, but neglected to post the slides.  One of my coaching students made me aware of this, and some people are having trouble watching the video (just clear your cache if you are, this fixes it 90% of the time).

In any event, you can download the negative keyword slides here in PDF format.

The majority of AdWords accounts we’ve seen have been incredibly under-optimized for negative keywords.   Most people know what they are, and have a few dozen, or perhaps a few hundred.  But an optimized account making good use of broad match will often have THOUSANDS of negatives which can DRAMATICALLY increase your click through rate and reduce your cost per acquisition.

And when you combine the power of  Rocket Clicks negative keyword strategy with the power of the hyper-responsive adwords bulls eye process, you wind up with an extraordinary Adwords campaign, both optimized and easy to manage.  (The bulls eye process relies heavily on identifying the 6 most important keywords in your market, then leveraging Google’s broad match algorithms to expand your traffic around this theme)

Seriously, if your Adwords spend is even $100/mo, the time you spend watching this FREE webinar and studying the slides is a total “no brainer”.    It’s one of the very few times I’m comfortable saying it’s entirely possible you’ll make money TONIGHT with this information.

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn | Done For You

Your Marketing Center of Gravity

There’s one mistake I see people make more often than any other (in both Adwords and Organic SEO), which could be defined as not having a “marketing center of gravity”.

You may THINK you know what I mean, and on the surface, you probably do.  But when you watch the video below, you’ll see the IMPLICATIONS are much further reaching, and in many ways the opposite of what you currently think they are.

I can’t recommend you watch this one more highly (I know that’s kind of immodest, please don’t tell my Mom):

Center of Gravity Part ONE:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

Center of Gravity Part TWO:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

AdWords Conversion Optimizer – Maximum Results Secrets

This 19 minute FREE MP3 might be the newest, easiest way to squeeze more profitable traffic from your AdWords account this year.  (It’s certainly the most I’ve learned about AdWords in the shortest period of time… with the fewest obstacles and resources required to execute)

Over the past few years, AdWords has introduced progressively more granular data which provides tremendous power and potential to optimize your campaign.  Whether it’s conversion by time of day, ability to day part and adjust bids, position preference, etc., … we’re getting to the point where it will actually be possible to laser target the exact right position at the exact right time for the exact right searcher, every time.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve got a Ph.D. in data mining and analysis, it’s also fairly difficult for the average pay per click marketer to actually USE the wealth of data AdWords provides.  Indeed, in well over 100 consultations/account audits I personally did last year, I’d venture to say less than 5% of campaigns were taking full advantage.

Which is why Google introduced the CONVERSION OPTIMIZER … their black box, automated algorithm for managing all this behind the scenes for you, hands free 🙂

Unfortunately there are several intricacies of the conversion optimizer which are difficult for all but the professional AdWords manager to observe.

Which is why Nicole Nerad of (one of our high level PPC managers) compiled these 5 Secrets of the Conversion Optimizer blog post.  I interviewed her about this in the FREE MP3 below, which I strongly recommend you listen to right now. (I really, really try not to be sensational or “hypey”… so I hope you’ll recognize that if I’m this excited, there’s something real to pay attention to… I really DO think there’s money on the table in most AdWords accounts for people that follow this advice, and best of all, it doesn’t take much time or effort AT ALL, just some special knowledge and a few minutes of careful attention each day)

Hope you enjoy!

Glenn 🙂

PS – If you feel like you’re wasting too much time in Adwords which could be put to a higher and better use in your business, why not let Rocket Clicks manage your ppc accounts?

PPS – Rocket Clicks can ALSO help you achieve Maximum Profits with Minimum Risk by executing the full Livingston Research method for you.  Enter new markets –OR– turn your business around fast.  Click here for more info

Content Network Fraud Issue

As covered in a recent Rocket Clicks blog post there’s much more motivation for click fraud on the content as compared to search network in Google (and more generally in contextual advertising vs. search advertising).  That’s because of the “Adsense Motivation” (site owners make money from clicks).

I asked Rob (our PPC Director) for 10 minutes of his time to review a novel approach to Content Network click fraud which everyone should be attending to, not only because it’s easily eliminated, but because it’s also easy to document and have reversed in your account.

Listed to the MP3 below.

Hope it helps,

Glenn 🙂

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Google vs. Bing, New AdWords Interface, More

Just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of our PPC blogging team.   Rob Sieracki just made a new post on AdWords vs. Bing which is definitely worth reading both from an advertiser AND consumer perspective.   And Nicole Nerad posted on the top features and tricks of the new AdWords Interface which can quickly save you some time (and money)

AdWords Broad Match Management Gold

Traditional management of keyword match types within Adwords has changed dramatically as the years have passed, in particular as Google seems to have expanded it’s definition of how broad “broad match” really is.

While the profit volume one can achieve using broad match is tremendous, the risk is of equal proportion if it’s not managed correctly.

Most recently, the team (at the suggestion of Jered, who you’ll hear interviewed here) has innovated a broad match management technique which gives you the ability to more specifically manage this risk.

I have to admit, as common-sense and obvious as this one was, I didn’t think of it myself and heard no one else talking about it.

Enjoy this short but powerful interview 🙂

Leads and Orders Generated For You by PPC Management Experts

AdWords Quality Score Webinar Coming Up

I’ll make this brief.  We’ve got 9 full time people in the trenches of our AdWords management department at … these are people working 40 to 60 hours a week on real live accounts.

Who better to do a thorough analysis of AdWords Quality Score issues?

We’ll be recording an AdWords Quality Score Webinar shortly… but we’d like to know your toughest Quality Score issues.

Don’t hold back … and the more detailed you can be (especially with URLs for us to look at), the better job we can do.  Just LEAVE COMMENTS below with your toughest AdWords Quality Score issues and we’ll do our best to answer.

Oh … and watch your inbox (or subscribe to this blog) for the announcement if you’d like to be on the Webinar LIVE (limited number accepted).


Content Network Curse

There are 2 things we at Rocket Clicks think you should NEVER do on the Adwords Content Network if you want to avoid The Content Network Curse!

This is a FREE PDF CHEAT SHEET meant as a follow up to the Content Network Curse MP3

Also, if you haven’t yet listened to “Maximum Adwords Results in Minimum Time“,  I’d strongly recomment you visit that post and grab the MP3.

Do me a favor … spread this one around?  (Forums, emails, etc)

Last – we’ve got our waiting list down to only 2 weeks now if you want to free up your time and make more money by letting us manage your PPC accounts.

Maximum Adwords Results in Minimum Time

Here’s the first teleseminar I promised in answer to all your questions, and it addresses the general feeling of overwhelm many people have at all the details, keywords, adgroups, landing pages, and campaigns which grow out of a typical online marketing effort.  (More teleseminars in the making … we’ll keep going until we’ve answered all your questions!)

Overwhelmed with your adwords account? Not sure if you’re spending the right amount of time on the right campaigns, groups, keywords, and reports?  How do you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck?

Here’s a FREE MP3 with Jeff Hughes, my partner in … a man who spends as much as $20,000 PER DAY of his own money in an unbelievably huge Adwords account.  Over the course of the past 4 years, Jeff’s developed a very structured and deliberate system for managing an adwords account with leverages the 80/20 principle and ensures your best thinking is applied with priority to your most important account areas … with a precision and simplicity you’ve not heard elsewhere.

I REALLY want you to list to this one … because it can dramatically improve your results and free up your time.  (You’ll hear a welcome “sigh of relief” across most of my subscribers after they go through this, I’m sure)

We’ve laid out everything you need to do it yourself in this FREE MP3

Of course, if you’d like us to do it for you, just submit the Blueprint Form at Rocket Clicks today.  (Our waiting list is only a few weeks at present)