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Disturbing Things Marketers Do with Dogs

Some marketers will do anything to make a point, even resorting to very, VERY disturbing things with their dogs:

And here’s my point for today:
The real-estate directly underneath every picture

on your site is extremely valuable… people can’t
help but read what you put there, so use it
to drive home benefit rich statements
critical take-away-points 

One really simple way to engineer a conversion bump on your site is to go through the “eye pathway” that takes people from picture to picture, and ask yourself if you’re driving home the key points, claims, etc. that you really want people to take-away in sequential order…

I find this is a pretty rare technique on most of my student’s sites, however.  They pay a lot of attention to headlines, subheads, offers, and guarantees.  Excellent… attention well spent!

But as more and more people become time pressured and attention becomes harder and harder to get from your prospect, it becomes progressively more critical to ensure the “quick scan” elements convey benefits in seconds.

For example, this picture appears close to the top of my coach certification and training academy letter. The purpose of the picture is immediately transport the prospect into the lifestyle they COULD have, and to get them to identify with yours truly (who has it already).

But I don’t assume the picture will do the whole job. I know most readers will quickly glance below the picture for a “caption”… something to orient them to what they’re looking at and TELL THEM HOW TO PERCEIVE IT. Have a look:

Just a little farther down the page I have a picture intended to portray the step by step, simple nature of the COACHING SYSTEM I’m going to teach them.  Of course, I don’t let the picture do all the work, I explain it immediately below (and use the opportunity to present some additional PROOF elements since I know I’ve got their attention)…

And then, after some scan-able copy which clearly links a coach’s income to their CONFIDENCE and ABILITY TO PRODUCE RESULTS for their clients (and the ability to produce results to their ability to keep clients long enough to accomplish their goals)… I present this picture to convey this in human form:

But again, notice I took the time to TELL THEM HOW TO PERCEIVE the picture, I didn’t let the picture do it on it’s own.

I think the reason so many marketers skip this step is because they’ve heard “A picture is worth 1,000 words” so many times they believe the picture should speak for itself. But my experience suggests that a picture PLUS a little bit of benefit-laden guidance underneath it multiples those thousand words by quite a bit.

Anyway, that’s my valuable marketing lesson, derived from the most disturbing things I’ve done with my dog to date! (By the way, when you come across attention getting pictures you just can’t ignore, put them in a folder and save them. It’s not unusual to collect such pictures without any idea how to use them in your marketing immediately, but over time some situation inevitably comes up and you’ll be thrilled to have them at the ready!)


Dr. Glenn 🙂

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Comparison Charts as a Conversion Enhancer

So, one of the best things that came out of last year’s constant public web-site critiques for me was the power of a COMPARISON CHART. I mean, think about it. In a comparison chart…

– You set the buying criteria
– You decide what to focus on
– You get to show the prospect why every other option on the market besides yours is, well, just wrong!


Your customer is trying to compare your product or service to every other option on the market anyway, including the option of doing nothing, so why not make it easy for him to do it while he’s looking at YOUR materials?

Yet hardly anyone does it.

So today, I want to give you an assignment…

I want you to go to my new academy site and scroll down about 2/3rds down the page (right under the tuition section) and look at the comparison chart to see how we’re doing it in practice.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but heck, at least IT’S THERE! It’s also reasonably well researched and factual, genuinely saving the consumer time while presenting us in the best possible light.

Do you have one on your site?

Now, just one more thing before you click.

I have to admit this is a SHAMELESS reason to also get you to consider the academy for yourself…

And if you ARE going to consider it, well, you should get in YESTERDAY because…

– The early bird discount expires on Friday
– I’m teaching the foundational classes personally
– We’re going to be working in small groups
– The base price is going go up VERY soon
– And there’s only ONE left this month for this list!

OK, enough said. Have a look at the comparison chart on the letter, about 2/3rds of the way down this page please:

G 🙂

Want Traffic? Choose Your Poison!

Want traffic?  Choose your poison!

You can get your traffic from big aggregators like Google and Facebook (or even ClickBank and Bing)… but because these big services are scrutinized very closely by regulatory agencies, they’re FORCED to develop a very strict set of compliance rules and regulations. Otherwise they risk hundred million dollar fines.  It’s MUCH easier for the regulatory agencies to focus their limited resources on the BIG players, so the convenience of “one stop shopping” for your traffic comes with a heavy compliance price tag…

OR…you can get your traffic from smaller networks, individual site buys, banners, email buys, etc. in an environment which is still a little bit like the unregulated Wild West, where the self-serve platforms are much more crude and underdeveloped, where you often need to spend more time talking to (and negotiating with) advertising reps, and where you’ve got to patch quite a few different sources together to get traffic in volume.

Put simply, you can go to the Big Traffic Cities and deal with the cops, or you can go to the Wild Traffic West and deal with the outlaws…

But one way or the other IF you want traffic you’re gonna have to choose your poison!

(SEO has somewhat fewer cops at present, but believe me, they’re coming!)

One way or the other, traffic is going to cost you time, money, or resources.  Which means you’d better be sure your site CONVERTS so you make the most out of the traffic you gave your sweat, blood, and tears to get!

This might seem like a bit of a downer message, but the truth is it’s really very liberating.  Because when you let go of the fantasy that your fairy god-mother’s going to someday give you a big load of free, high quality, easy-to-come-by traffic, you no longer have blinders on and CAN navigate the stormy seas to your destination.  (How’s that for a mixed metaphor!?)

It’s just how it is… don’t shoot the messenger!


Dr. G 🙂


PS – I’ve replaced the annoying CAPTCHA form for comments with a Facebook Comments plugin.  Please feel free to use it… I want to hear from you!

Nuances of Emotional Market Research Part Three

Ever wonder what the right MINDSET is to do emotional market research the right way?

Want to know how to “put your empathy meter on high?”

Curious about when getting sensitive to “drama queen language” might make you more profit than spending hours pouring over your AdWords account?

Then you’ll definitely want to listen to Michael McCarrell, the man who’s done more Livingston-Certified Hyper-Responsive Emotions Research than anyone else in the world!

I learned a few things from this interview and I know you will too 🙂

(Please listen through the whole thing even if the information in the beginning seems familiar… we really needed to set up the foundation for what Michael had to offer)

Oh, one more thing…

If you want someone to do this research FOR you, Michael’s definitely your guy.  Have a look at now!

Marketing with Body Language

What does body language have to do with marketing?

Well, pretty much everything…

And you’d think I would have realized this sooner, seeing that I sold more than $100,000 worth of body language downloads ($14.95 at a time) during my “market to a million niches” days!

But like everyone else, I find there’s always an immense lag between my knowledge of best practices and my ability, willingness, and interest in allocating the resources to execute on them all.  (My friend Bill Harrison calls this your “Marketing Wall of Shame”… which is a long list of things you know would definitely make you more money if only you could get them done!)

Anyway, here’s what you need to remember most…

Body Language = Empathy, Empathy = Trust, and Trust = Necessary But Not Sufficient Condition to Make the Sale!

Do me a favor and read this headline (for my new coach training program) all by itself:

“In Just Twelve Weeks You Can Become a Certified Professional Coach, Confident and Secure in Your Ability to Grow a Thriving Practice from Anywhere…Guaranteed!”

Not bad, right?  Especially if you’re an insecure coach-to-be who hasn’t yet done a single session and has no idea where to get their first client!

But now click here and tell me what the difference is

MUCH more of an emotional impact, right?…

  • Because you know WHO is behind the promise…
  • Because my smile and gentle gaze tells you I’m confident I can provide this…
  • And because my forward leaning body and posture indicates I’m sincerely  interested in doing so…

So many of my students complain of how difficult it is to amass PROOF of their claims…

Yet they forget that the central reason proof is so important is to create TRUST…

And body language is another way we can do this. (Note in the example picture linked here again for convenience that you know NOTHING about my background, credentials, or anything else which would constitute proof in the more traditional sense… yet isn’t it just SOOOOO much more trustworthy?)

Food for thought, no?


All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

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PPS – Make Them Buy members will not be charged again.  Contact support if you have any questions.

Choking the Chicken for Fun and Profit

So, I have a very good, but VERY strange friend these days…

He’s a high-end copywriter who lived with a copy-writing legend we all know and love for a few months.

I find it difficult to have great copywriters for friends…

Because they’re constantly distracting me with their emails, especially their subject lines…

I mean like DISTRACTED with a CAPITAL “D”…

TODAY  I got an email with the subject line “choking your chicken” from him.

I’ve got ask you this…

How the HELL am I supposed to get ANY work done when someone I know and respect sends me an email about “choking your chicken?”

Of course I read the email, which linked to an interesting lesson about “chicken rental” offers.

So I had to ask him “how the heck do you come up with one email after the next that I absolutely, positively, have to STOP EVERYTHING to read?”…

I mean, I KNOW the formula is “Curiosity + Benefit = Eyeballs and Clicks”…

But his EXECUTION OF THE FORMULA is just soooooo damned compelling I felt like there was something I was missing.

Know what he told me?

“It’s because I enjoy it entirely too much”… and he meant it.   Apparently he bought pet chickens a few months back—(which is in and of itself, by the way, and I don’t care what kind of vegan freak you happen to be, just plain WRONG!)—and had been dying to use the line ever since.

It’s like his emails are his one chance to be evil and irreverent in his attention getting maneuvers… and then he just finds a way to link the subject line to a story, and the story to a sale.  (His email links to a compelling story about his pet chickens.)

It all start with irreverent, outright enjoyment of his evil little mind…

“I want to use ‘choke the chicken’ in an email” (heh heh heh – insert slightly maniacal laugh here)…

Then he takes that curiosity and links it to a benefit (in this case fun and profit)…

Conjures up a story to match and there you have it!

It’s sick, it’s twisted, but it works damn well.

BTW, here’s his email, reprinted with permission:

SUBJECT: chocking your chicken

I had an idea this morning.
An idea that could make you a lot of cash FAST.

Heck, if you only get a mere 20% of the results
I’ve gotten from this, it could TRANSFORM
your business… practically overnight.
My choke your chicken for cash plan is here
(hyperlinked to his pet chicken story)


Anyway, if you want to study his style in more detail, he’s got a GREAT print newsletter I suggest you sign up for via my shameless affiliate link.

In the meantime, maybe we should all be asking ourselves what evil little daily thoughts WE could be using to grab attention, link to a benefit, and make some cash from our markets?

Until then,

Glenn 🙂

PS – Going forward I plan to call this email writing strategy “choking your chicken” and I give you all permission to “choke your chickens” until your heart is content.

PPS – At the end of the year last I exhaustively combed the detailed notes from my live webinars club to find the TEN BEST CONVERSION SECRETS most people were omitting from their websites.  Through Friday this week you can pick this up as aseparate product here.  (As a bonus, I asked Perry Marshall to do an hour long interview with me about the 3 most important things he’s learned in his entire marketing career… I was shocked at how much I personally learned from this!  Exclusively available in this product… coming down on Friday night)

Choosing Profitable LOCAL Markets

So, I’m pretty well known for the formula for choosing profitable worldwide niche markets…

But what if you want to choose a profitable LOCAL niche?

Ryan Levesque to the rescue.  Listen, learn, and enjoy 🙂

PS – At the end of the year last I exhaustively combed the detailed notes from my live webinars club to find the TEN BEST CONVERSION SECRETS most people were omitting from their websites.  Through Friday this week you can pick this up as a separate product here.  (As a bonus, I asked Perry Marshall to do an hour long interview with me about the 3 most important things he’s learned in his entire marketing career… I was shocked at how much I personally learned from this!  Exclusively available in this product… coming down on Friday night)

Getting Out of the Low Margin Pricing Trap

A lot of businesses–particularly tradition local businesses selling a “commodity” service like pest control, accounting, psychotherapy, etc–feel their pricing structure is defined by the competitive landscape… thereby boxing them into a fairly narrow margin game.

But there are several not-immediately-obvious ways OUT of this low margin pricing trap…

And I do believe Ryan and I covered almost all of them in this interview.


Dr. G 🙂

Conversion Optimization |  Hyper-Responsive |  Live Webinars Club | Phone Follow Ups on Commission | Research Done For You

Web = $, Web x Phone = $$$$$$

If the web = $, then web x phone can equal $$$$$$ on steroids. (Someone will have to apologize to Lance Armstrong for me since I neglected to explain this to him years ago)

Listen, there’s a short list of things every entrepreneur knows they absolutely SHOULD add to their marketing mix to dramatically improve  conversion and increase transaction size… and most of them require some labor and forethought, so 80% of entrepreneurs fail to ever get around to doing it.

For example, adding 1-click upsells almost always significantly increases transaction size.  And if you do it right (generally just one hyper-related upsell that supercharges the results they came to the cash register for in the first place) your customers will be HAPPIER with you for it, not annoyed by the process.

But by far the MOST significant force multiplier internet entrepreneurs ignore is… you guessed it… THE TELEPHONE. Pick up the telephone and talk to your prospects, then watch your conversions soar.

For example, Brian Therrien took my previously Glenn-Optimized conversion from under 3% to over 26% using a simple courtesy call process after the opt in.  (NOTE: Brian says if 90% of your prospects don’t genuinely welcome your call you’re doing something horribly wrong!)

But there’s a LOT more than meets the eye to doing phone sales right…

It’s really NOT just a matter of being willing to stop hiding behind electrons and actually talk to people.  That’s just a necessary but not sufficient condition for making this work…


So that you can maximize empathy for the prospect’s dilemma and maximize the chance they’ll actually get on the phone with you, engage in a meaningful conversation, and be willing to take action at the next level (whatever that is in your business).

In this brilliant interview Brian gave me, this funny looking phone genius went through many subtle nuances of the phone process you can use in your own business, regardless of whether you’re a multi-million dollar entity with dozens of employees, or if it’s just you, your computer, and a bag of Cheetos sitting in the basement…

Have your head examined please if you decide not to  listen to this…

Because if you’re looking to the web for $, you could be looking to the web x phone for $$$$$.

Got it?


Now go pick up the phone and convert someone!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Uhm, duh… listen to the interview first.

PPS – Brian’s looking for just a few strategic partners for whom he can implement phone sales entirely on a commission basis.  For the right company he’ll take care of recruiting, training, supervising, tracking, paying, and motivating the sales staff in exchange for a percent of the sales he generates.  (And I’ll be helping him do it by supervising the web-integration,  and persuasion/conversion arguments)

All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

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