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The Silliest Entrepreneur I Know

Mrs. Stephanie Padovani has got to be the silliest entrepreneur I know.  She showed up in the Alpha Wolf Den in September last year giggling her way to profitable advice on all our webinars, and has ever since been impressing me with her expertise, fortitude, and emotional sensitivity.

Since y’all hadn’t heard from me for a little while I thought it might be fun to do a biographical interview with Stephanie all about her Entrepreneurial Journey… all the way from her lowly beginnings as a struggling disc jockey… to her humble position now as the premier marketing advisor for businesses in the wedding industry at


The Million Dollar Marketing Question Nobody Ever Asks…

I’ve got a very important insight this week…

Which you’ll no doubt think is obvious when you hear it…

But if it’s SO obvious, why do so many marketers blatantly ignore it?

See, there’s a ONE million dollar question you should ask yourself before soliciting feedback on your direct response marketing pieces…

It’s such an important question, it could make or break you as a direct response marketer…

And if you don’t use it, you’ll start absorbing crazy ideas from well meaning people who are nevertheless talking out straight out of their asses when it comes to marketing advice…

Plus, if you’re not careful, it’ll start to sound like the truth and you’ll be talking out of your butt too!  (Worse, you’ll start ACTING on their advice, and spreading their ideas as if they were the gospel)

Yet, this ONE million dollar question is one I’ve yet to hear ANYONE ask publicly.

See, before you expose yourself to feedback on your marketing piece you REALLY need to know the background, experience, and mindset of the person from whom you’re soliciting advice…

Which means (if they’re not a paying customer or a methodically identified hyper-responsive research participant) you MUST know their personal background in the direct response industry…

So here’s the million dollar question everyone should ask before accepting feedback on their marketing pieces:

“Have you personally profited at least $1,000,000 by risking your own money on direct response campaigns which you personally developed and/or supervised?”

Think about what happens when you apply this litmus test to the group of people from whom you’ve been accepting feedback:  I suspect the vast majority of them will fall out.  Maybe ALL of them.

Yet many marketers–especially new marketers–seem to equally value the opinion of their peers without knowing their previous levels of involvement, risk, and success in the industry.

Go look at any marketing forum.  There’s always someone who’s posting their site for review.  And a flood of people are happy to chime in with their opinions.  The grateful poster then considers all of the feedback with virtually equal respect, without any consideration for the opinion giver’s background and experience.

Or look at what happens in many professional mastermind groups.  For example, I’ll often facilitate a group for my coach training company where someone is presenting their website for feedback…

Now, I’ve got a LOT of smart people in these groups.  VERY smart.  And a lot of people who’ve been successful in other careers too…

But–and my apologies if this sounds snobby–in most of these groups I’m the ONLY person on the call who could pass the litmus test above by a wide margin.   Yet because of the pressures of group psychology (for the sake of peace and cohesion, group members are inclined to reach to a consensus which doesn’t exclude anyone)  AND the desperation of the marketer to feel accepted by a large number of people for their work, it’s not unusual for MY opinion to fade entirely into the background.  Unless I’m VERY FORCEFUL about it.

Sadly, the newer and more uncertain the marketer is about their work, the more vulnerable they are to these forces in groups and forums.  Yet it’s precisely the newest, most uncertain marketers who should heed this tenet the most…

Are the people from whom you are taking actionable feedback those who’ve profited at least $1,000,000 in direct response by spending their own money on their own campaigns?

I don’t fault people for ignoring this as they’re getting started.  Heck, I did it myself.

Direct response marketing can be a very lonely profession.  It’s SO easy to become stuck in your own vision that you really DO need outside pairs of eyes to keep you from pursuing a grandiose fantasy…

Plus, it’s difficult and expensive to get in front of million dollar marketers who meet the criteria above.  The truth is, there just aren’t that many of them because (sadly) this is a very tough game which most people crap out of before they make anywhere near their first million.  There’s too much pain on the journey, and it stops a lot of people.  (I don’t know anyone in this category who hasn’t suffered tremendously along the way)  

Then, of the small crowd who actually HAVE profited $1,000,000, most aren’t willing to talk about it publicly.  (Even though many of them will sell you an hour of consulting time if you track them down and offer to pay them a respectable rate.)

So what’s wrong with soliciting feedback from people who haven’t profited $1,000,000 by risking their own money on their own direct response campaigns?  Nothing if you keep their opinions in perspective.  EVERYTHING if you don’t!

There’s no harm in asking anyone’s opinion to get outside of yourself and have something different to consider.  But when the ONLY opinions you’re surrounded by are people who are just reacting emotionally and “talking theory”…

And especially when you don’t weigh the background, experience, and success level of the opinions when considering which to act upon…

Well, you’re just very unlikely to succeed in my experience.

Because it’s MUCH more fun to TALK about marketing and CRITISIZE other people’s work than to get out there and risk your own money on your own campaigns.  It doesn’t cost anything to give your opinion.  More pertinently, when you’re simply “opining” you do NOT have to spend the money, time, and labor to make the changes you suggest…

So you can just apply whatever you’ve read or studied and, in the absence of a true market test, it seems to fit perfectly…

Which feeds the dream, fosters hope, and makes people feel like they have a new understanding of their world.

But in practice, the market doesn’t always behave the way the books say it should.   And in practice, it’s very hard to IMPLEMENT the marketing ideas people throw at you like you’re a hungry goat waiting for chow-pellets with your mouth open at a petting zoo…

Because people who’ve risked their own money on their own campaigns and successfully profited from them not only have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t in the market…


Which are actually equally if not more important than marketing knowledge when you really want to build a business.   (Sometimes the best marketing advice is actually the worst thing you can do for your business if it pulls resources away from something else important)

Moreover, experienced and successful direct response marketers understand the Theory of Constraints.  They know it does very little good to work on any part of your business except whatever happens to be your primary bottleneck at any given time.  You need feedback from people who can see the forest for the trees.  People who know when it’s time to take a step back from tactical marketing issues and look at overall business strategy.

MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING QUESTION: “Have you personally profited at least $1,000,000 by risking your OWN money on your OWN direct response campaigns?”

It’s an admittedly high bar.  But without this litmus test, you’re infinitely more vulnerable to going off in the wrong direction based upon well meaning feedback from kind-hearted people.

At the very least we should all have this question in the back of our mind when we’re getting feedback on our marketing.  You can always do a less-accurate-but-silent-evaluation based upon the person’s public history.

I really wish I came up with this litmus test sooner in my own personal journey.  In retrospect I was lucky because I always had coaching as a personal value.  I’ve always sought out the most respected people in any given endeavor I was trying to accomplish and paid them highly for their time…

And this is how I developed my own personal crew of million dollar marketers to give me (often brutal) feedback on my own marketing pieces.   I hired the best people I could find… and this helped me network my way to others who saw me more as an equal.

I know other people who accomplish this by going to seminars and networking with people in person.  And still others who do it on forums… but they’re willing to be much more aggressive in determining people’s history before they start soliciting their opinions.

In any case, I don’t expect everyone to be able to immediately find several million dollar marketers to provide them the feedback they desperately need.  But I DO think you’re much better off knowing the litmus test than flying blind.

And if you have to, drop the criteria a bit.  It’s MUCH better to get feedback from people who’ve profited at least $100,000 from direct response marketing using their own money than to just accept feedback willy-nilly from the crowd.

And whatever you do, just politely keep perspective on who’s talking to you.

OK?  OK!

Now go make some money!

Oh… and if you’d like MY million dollar opinion on YOUR marketing efforts, get your ass onto my priority waiting list.  I’ll be opening just a few slots in my business coaching practice on January 1st, 2016.



PS – Sorry I’ve been silent lately.  The Coaching Academy is taking ALL my time!


How to Obliterate Time Wasting B.S.

There’s no nice way to say this.

Well… OK there probably is, but I’m not going to pull any punches…

All of us allow too many precious hours, weeks, months and years to slip by while we occupy ourselves with things which do little, if anything, to move us productively towards our most important goals.

You know the drill… you wake up in the morning with the best laid plans, but before you know it the day’s over and you haven’t accomplished nearly half what you planned.

Why?  Because time-sucking, mostly worthless activities snuck into your day, usually beyond your awareness.

Here’s how to make them go bye bye!


The Very Good Dr. Glenn 🙂

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I Have 100 Trillion Dollars and I Can Prove It

I’ve got 100 trillion dollars and I can PROVE it!  In fact, here’s a picture of it sitting on my desk:

Impressed?  Don’t be.  Because you can have 100 Trillion Dollars too!  You see a few years ago in Zimbabwe, hyper-inflation caused the rapid devaluation of currency to such a degree it became necessary to print hundred trillion dollar bills just to pay for groceries.  (I’m not making this up… it got so bad they had to abandon their currency entirely)

Today you too can buy an authentic hundred trillion dollar bill on for as little as 27 cents!  Why do I feel compelled to share this with you?  A few important reasons:

  • First, I want to drive home the point that money is only an idea
    It’s worth what we all agree it’s worth, and what our government manages to sustain.  And because money is only an idea, it’s not something to get truly miserable OR exuberant about… it’s just a necessity of the system.  I’ve worked intimately with many millionaires
    (even hundred millionaires) and I’ve also personally been both financially privileged AND on the edge of bankruptcy.  My conclusion?  A reasonable amount of money is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a rewarding life.  And it’s a morally neutral force… you can use it for good, evil, or anything in between.  It’s all too easy to confuse money with happiness, and just as easy to confuse the lack of it with misery.  Neither is true unless you make it so, and you suffer needlessly when you do.  We’ve all got to master money while becoming wary of it’s power to obsess us on both extremes.
  • Second, I’d like to neutralize the power of the “I Fart Money” approach to sales.
    I think it’s fine for marketing educators (I don’t like the term “guru”) to share what they’ve done as long as it’s true and lawful… and it’s very difficult to sell in this space if you don’t have an “I Fart Money” back story of some kind.  But at the same time, I’ve gotta say it’s truly unfortunate how starry eyed people become when they see big numbers.  It tends to foster the fantasy that money will solve all your problems, the belief that money is all that matters, and the not-so-smart business practice of obsessing about people’s income when it only represents ONE side of the ledger!  (Seriously… I’ve experienced so many “other sides” of “I Fart Money” businesses given my position that I can say with complete confidence that knowing a businesses gross income is virtually meaningless)
  • Last, I wanted to illustrate how marketers can get an audience’s attention with dramatic statements WITHOUT having to support them with dramatic claims. Remember, the definition of “hype” is a promise without proof… so if you can’t prove your claims you shouldn’t make them.  But that does NOT mean you can’t find outrageous and interesting ways to engage your audience, then bridge this attention to something more meaningful and valuable.

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All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

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Confidence, Cash Flow, and the Advertising Auction

Is it possible you’re literally sitting on a fortune without knowing it?

In the past few months I put out a very weird offer to help market people’s businesses using my own money.

Turned out I couldn’t quite find one which matched my criteria, but I learned something fascinating in the process…

Something which highlighted a major opportunity for virtually all marketers in a very concrete way…

And gave me an even greater “gut level” feeling for the natural ceiling of most advertising auctions (including but not limited to AdWords)

Here’s the deal…

There are MANY, many people floating around out there who could double, triple, or even 10x their businesses if they only had two things: CONFIDENCE AND CASH FLOW!

You see, when I dug into the finances of many marketers’ systems I found myself scratching my head at their very conservative bidding position…

For example, many of them were making back 6 to 10 times their investment in advertising over the course of a year.

So why then, weren’t they opening the flood gates?

I mean, sure, acquiring a higher volume of traffic usually means bidding more and increasing your cost per sale…

But 10,000 sales x $10 profit leaves a LOT more money in your bank account than 1,000 sales at $20 profit  ($100,000 vs.  $20,000)

See what I mean?

When I asked these marketers why they weren’t just “letting loose” and buying up the traffic they stumbled and couldn’t quite answer me…

Until I eventually learned the reasons:

1) LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN LONGER TERM CUSTOMER VALUE: They only had a rough sense of customer value over the course of the year.  They hadn’t bothered to set up the tracking and reporting systems to map it out with statistical reliability.  Simply put, they only THOUGHT the customers were worth what they were telling me, but they hadn’t seen the evidence in black and white, staring them in the face.

2) LACK OF CASH FLOW:  Even amongst those who really WERE confident in their numbers, there were few who were willing to open up the flood gates and go into the red for a few months in order to acquire the customers.  When I asked why they said something like “because I’d be bankrupt before I made the profits back”.  In other words, they simply didn’t have the cash flow to fund the roll-out, even though they knew it would come back to them in spades.

And then it hit me…

These two forces are omnipresent…

And they’re creating a kind of hard ceiling on the bidding price for any advertising auction…

Because they lack confidence and cash flow, the vast majority of advertisers are simply unwilling to bid more than they can make back before their credit card statement comes due.

And this creates a MAJOR opportunity…

Not just a market gap, but a GREAT BIG GAPING HOLE in most markets…

IF you’re willing to do the research, track your systems, and develop confidence in your LONGER TERM customer value…

And IF you’re able to develop the spreadsheets that predict with reasonable precision exactly how much money you’ll need to ride out the early period when you MUST GO NEGATIVE to buy customers in volume…

And you raise the cash (and the nerve) to carry this out…

Then 99% of your competitors will sit and watch, trembling to their cores while you proceed to dominate the market.

How could it be otherwise?

Now here’s the main point…

At SOME point in all of our marketing futures, if you’re going to achieve hyper-success, every marketer MUST face this wall of fear with courage…

At some point if you want to dominate your market, you’ll HAVE TO develop the confidence and the cash flow to brazenly go negative for several months while everyone around you looks on with amazement…

Confucius once said “Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage”.. and I couldn’t agree more.

Of course, there’s also a fine line between bravery and foolishness…

I think that line is drawn on a spreadsheet with statistically reliable customer data, and in a bank account with money you can afford to lose…

But it’s a line we all owe it to ourselves to paint brightly, lest we wind up cowering in a corner while the fortune deserved us passes by.

What do you all think?

Let me know,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – In month #8 of the hyper-responsive club I provide a very detailed spreadsheet for developing confidence in the cash flow of your whole advertising system over time.

Marketing Lessons from My Dogs

Hey, maybe this is cliche’, and I know I’m definitely not the first one to say it, but every marketing project starts with enthusiasm and passion.  If you don’t have it, it’s really WAY more difficult to get over the rough spots.

See someone do something you think you could emulate?  Sometimes even if you’re wrong, it’s worth the effort and you DO get partial credit for TRYING.  Consider the little guy in this video:

You’ve gotta believe he saw someone playing, maybe his master.

Then, during the day when his master was away, he took his time and started wailing away…

Who knows where he’ll be after HIS 10,000 hours of practice?

While I’m on the topic, there’s an MP3 interview with Sharon and I below talking about everything OUR dogs taught US about marketing… worth listening to!

For what it’s worth,

PS – Do you ever feel alone in your marketing quests?

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Make More Money By Turning OFF Your Advertising

If the escalating expense, difficulty, and time to generate a high volume of profitable internet sales is crippling your growth–or crushing  your morale–I’ve got a very important audio for you to hear today…

Because it’s entirely possible that…

“You Can Make More Money by Turning Off Your Time Killing, Morale Crushing, Migraine Inducing, Pain-in-the-Ass Advertising System!”

Listen to this interview with Ryan Levesque, my partner in an extremely weird new marketing experiment which just might be your saving grace 🙂