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The Google Reader Alternative

Here’s an important announcement for current and former hyper-responsive club members…

As well as anyone who’s become an avid Google Reader fan…

Here’s the thing…

Stupid Google is retiring Google Reader!

(Which we relied upon heavily in month #2 of the hyper-responsive club to organize internet intelligence on our keyword archery target)

Now, I’m not a religious person, but I like the phrase “When God closes a door he opens a window”…

Meaning that sometimes we become so reliant on our existing solutions we neglect to consider there might be something better right under our nose we’re ignoring…

And also as you might expect, Dr. Glenn’s been scrambling furiously for a few days since the announcement to determine the best alternative!

The solution’s pretty simple…

It allows you to organize by folder, use tags, save for later (equivalent of “starring” in Reader), etc.

And it’ll automatically import and sync up with your existing Reader data, so you won’t have lost a thing.

What you DO want to do regardless is create an XML backup of your subscriptions in Reader and save it someplace safe just in case Feedly goes bananas and decides to close too…

But it seems there’s little chance of that since they’ve publicly announced their desire to support all the abandoned Google Reader users…

And as soon as you log into Feedly you see a “smooth transition from Google Reader” notice.

Plus they’ve put up a blog post specifically to help us poor orphaned Reader users:

OK, just wanted to keep you in the loop with the new best practices (regardless of whether you’re a current member or not)

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

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All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

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PPS – If you’ve been through the hyper-responsive club but never got around to implementing the work (or not quite as thoroughly as you wanted to)–OR–if you’re servicing clients and think whitelabeling Glenn’s hyper-responsive bulls eye research behind you might make you look stronger to your client… get your tuchas over to

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A ZILLION Ps S:  Would much appreciate you SHARING this page, posting it in your forums, passing around the PDF by email to ALL your contacts, and telling your mama’s how cool it is to have Dr. Glenn’s stuff. (Not particularly modest, but hey, I’m too old for that)

An Interview with the Bulls Eye Master

This one’s for all you hyper-responsive fans out there…

Especially those of you who couldn’t quite muster the energy to see a project to completion…

But even those of you who did…

Because the master of the new Bulls Eye Service has now completed enough projects for clients that I can safely say he probably knows more about it than anyone else in the world (maybe even more than me!)

So I thought it prudent to interview him about the nuances he’s found, advice he has for do-it-yourselfers, and to let him talk a little about the service itself which I’m now proud to endorse.

Enjoy, and please do let us know what you think.

The G-man 🙂

PS – These projects have been going very smoothly and we’re looking to increase our price again shortly.  If you’re at all interested in the DONE FOR YOU SERVICE, it’s best to get on board now.

Glenn Livingston Arrested for Drinking

It’s 100% true…

Glenn Livingston was arrested for drinking on January 4th, 2012, and you can see his mugshot here.

It’s pretty scary what you can learn using Google Alerts!

Like most marketers, I have routine alerts out on my name, and for just a moment when I saw this come through I wondered if perhaps I’d been out on a bender I’d forgotten last week (even though I haven’t had a drink in 20+ years… not ’cause I’m an alcoholic–I detest that term–just because I find life more interesting and satisfactory without screwing with my mental state)

I also learned, of course, about the myriad of people stealing my products (we pursue them legally now), and a few things about yet ANOTHER Glenn Livingston who’s a pastor in Illinois up to some interesting things from time to time.

But none of these rather mundane results from Google Alerts come anywhere close to the REAL power of this FREE utility…

(Even though tracking your namesakes’ activities can from time to time generate an attention getting headline)

Because most marketers have absolutely NO idea how to use it…

The REAL way to leverage Google Alerts is to first know with crystal clarity EXACTLY what keyword defines your ideal prospect, plus a very small set of related keywords which surround it.  Taken together these become your “archery target”… the small space which defines EXACTLY WHO YOU WANT TO BE on the internet, and allows you to more or less ignore everything else.

Once you’ve done that, you can combine Google Alerts with Google Reader Feeds (and some anti-RSS-spam code) to automatically collect pretty much EVERYTHING that happens on the internet that’s relevant to you…

And stop getting distracted by everything else…

Which is the ONLY way to build a hyper-responsive marketing system in my humble opinion.

Have any of you found effective-yet-novel uses for Google Alerts we should know about?

Tell me, I’d like to know!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – I’m considering organizing my network and resources to build a “performance-pay-based-conversion boosting-done-for-you” service.  Curious if that’s of interest to any of my readers today

Can You Live Without Keyword Services?

I  just got an urgent email from a major keyword service which said something to the effect of:

“Your subscription expired on _____ (date)  and we just don’t know how your website can continue to grow without doing constant keyword research”

Assuming you’ve developed a strong center of gravity on a bulls eye keyword, here are 7 ways you can continue to grow your website, business, and profits WITHOUT doing constant keyword research:

  1. Just process your damn search query report in Adwords already.    Seriously, I called your Mom yesterday and told her to lay on the guilt extra thick, because I STILL find 80% of my list is just not doing this, and that’s like flying blind.     Adwords is getting more competitive by the day, and you NEED VISIBILITY into which keywords convert  and which ones don’t so you can peel and stick, adjust your bids, and empower Google’s fuzzy logic to do ITS thing, which is to EXPAND YOUR PROFITABLE TRAFFIC WITHOUT REQUIRING CONSTANT MANUAL KEYWORD RESEARCH.  Of course, this all assumes you’ve installed the conversion pixel on your website (look in the tools section of Adwords).   And if you don’t want to do this, maybe you could donate to my favorite charity instead of feeding Google unnecessarily?  Enough said.
  2. Ditto on the placement report.
  3. Taguchi test in Adwords to improve your click through and strengthen your center of gravity in Google’s eyes.  So they can automatically expand to more keywords on your broad match bids. (The stronger your keywords perform, the more Google will try to expand to related words, and who knows better than they?)
  4. Split Test using Profit Per Impression ( so you can afford to bid higher and command a larger share of voice, which, uh, like encourages Google to try and expand your broad match keywords
  5. Do an 80/20 Survey on your Opt In List or E-Commerce site, then use the results to improve your Adwords copy, landing pages, follow up sequences, back end products, and sales processes.
  6. Get on the phone and call your customers and prospects, just to ask how you’re doing and what you could improve.  (Forget all our fancy emotional interviewing techniques, just pick up the darn phone)
  7. Consider updating your site and your landing pages to a more substantial, web 2.0, modern Adwords compliant format.

Most if not all of the above, especially #s 1 and 2, should be done way before you start spending time and money in keyword services outside of Google.    And you should make sure you’ve leveraged Google’s FREE tools before you move to the paid services.  Only makes sense, right?

When you’ve done all above, the keyword services can be a source of incremental volume, bid efficiencies, and profit.   But it’s nothing like it used to be, thanks to all the wonderful free tools Google’s providing, and thanks to their ever improving fuzzy logic auto-expansion algorithms.

Sorry, this kind of pissed my off today, I should probably have held back my tone a little bit, I know it was out of character for me.  What do you think?

Dr. G 🙂

Negative Keyword Slides

A few months ago we delivered a killer Negative Keyword Webinar, but neglected to post the slides.  One of my coaching students made me aware of this, and some people are having trouble watching the video (just clear your cache if you are, this fixes it 90% of the time).

In any event, you can download the negative keyword slides here in PDF format.

The majority of AdWords accounts we’ve seen have been incredibly under-optimized for negative keywords.   Most people know what they are, and have a few dozen, or perhaps a few hundred.  But an optimized account making good use of broad match will often have THOUSANDS of negatives which can DRAMATICALLY increase your click through rate and reduce your cost per acquisition.

And when you combine the power of  Rocket Clicks negative keyword strategy with the power of the hyper-responsive adwords bulls eye process, you wind up with an extraordinary Adwords campaign, both optimized and easy to manage.  (The bulls eye process relies heavily on identifying the 6 most important keywords in your market, then leveraging Google’s broad match algorithms to expand your traffic around this theme)

Seriously, if your Adwords spend is even $100/mo, the time you spend watching this FREE webinar and studying the slides is a total “no brainer”.    It’s one of the very few times I’m comfortable saying it’s entirely possible you’ll make money TONIGHT with this information.

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn | Done For You

The Faster, Easier Way to Profits

There’s a VERY important insight which pervades and ties together everything I’ve done. It took me a long time to really “get it” myself.

I’ve had hundreds of students come to me with some variation of the following “You’re obviously the guy to work with for building a solid foundation for a long term, profitable, growing business. But who do you recommend to make money NOW? I NEED money NOW!”

For the answer, please listen to the free mp3 below.





Excel Tricks for AdWords

With just a few Excel techniques you can master in an hour or two, you can save literally hundreds of hours in AdWords.  Watch the free videos below to see how 🙂
(You should also Download the Excel Sheet from the Videos Here so you have the formulas and examples to work with on your own computer, and a higher quality screen to look at!)






Download the Excel Sheet from the Videos Here





My Best Thinking on AdWords, SEO, and Competitive Intelligence

Below you’ll find a FREE MP3 of an intriguing 45 minute conversation I had with my Director of Copywriting and Director of Sales at Rocket Clicks.   (NOTE: The call has been slightly edited to remove the details of our clients and their sites)

We did NOT intend to distribute this conversation, so I apologize for the speakerphone, but I thought it represented a unique opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall to see:

A) How a high-level copywriter interviews “in the trenches” sales people to elicit the benefits and objections necessary to write A level copy

B) How my thinking has evolved into a more comprehensive, yet simpler system for building a solid internet marketing structure

The original purpose of the call was for Tony to get the material he needed to develop a consultation form like the one we’ve got here, but targeted at people who wanted more than PPC management… instead desiring a more comprehensive package including market research + site design/repositioning + PPC/SEO.

You see, it’s been several years since I originally innovated and presented the How To Double Your Business process, and I’ve moved WAY beyond the advanced survey methods I originally presented.  The way I approach markets presently is simultaneously  simpler and more powerful.


The most successful of the 100+ clients I personally audited at Rocket Clicks last year (especially those who seemed to survive the economic earthquake in the fall of 2008) were   focused on many, many fewer keywords, leading me to develop a set of algorithms for choosing the smallest number of keywords likely to make you the most money.

In fact, I now believe it’s ESSENTIAL  to have a well articulated rationale for choose ONE dead-center bulls-eye keyword for your business… the one you’d advertise on if Google restricted your account to only ONE adgroup with ONE broad match keyword in it.  (The “ultimate elevator speech”).

Considerations of relevancy, volume, and bid price are essential in making this choice.

And once you know your Bulls-Eye, I think it’s also essential to define a very small set of concentric circles around it … no more than six keyword groups.  And you’d better have a good written definition of the CONCEPTUAL BOUNDARIES OF YOUR KEYWORD SET, or else you’ll wind up wasting time, money, and diluting your conversions by aiming off your “keyword archery target”


Once you know exactly where your keyword archery target starts and ends (and why!), I’ve innovated a NEW method for leveraging social media, competitive intelligence spy tools, and RSS fees to set up one systematic and comprehensive competitive intelligence dashboard…

Then identifying YOUR SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT COMPETITOR and totally reverse engineering their web testing diary.  (I’m not just talking about the stupid PPC spy tools … I’m NOT NOT NOT talking about figuring out what web changes they made which made them successful in the first place)


On the foundation of a more clearly defined and simpler keywords set AND comprehensive competitive intelligence, we then utilize the survey process to find point of difference benefits for the market.


With a clearly defined bulls-eye and keyword archery target, the knowledge of who’s winning the game on that target and why, the consumer language, emotional benefits, and point of difference benefits in hand, the process then proceeds to UNIFY ALL YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATION AROUND A  SINGULAR, WELL RESEARCHED USP.


SEO and PPC are expensive and time consuming.   The gorillas who survive are the ones who know exactly where to FOCUS their time and money.   The new Livingston Process ensures you eliminate waste and laser focus on a hyper-responsive message for the short set of keywords which define your business.

6) OPTIMIZE YOUR CONVERSION:  Multivariate and Taguchi testing are still VERY powerful tools (always will be).  But they’re only useful when you’ve got the RIGHT INPUT to test.   The new process above ensures you’ve always got a prioritized list of options for continually bringing your business to the next level.

Enjoy the FREE MP3 below please!  🙂

ACTION OPTIONS: Do all this yourself, hire us to do for you,  or have me coach you through it personally.

AdWords Broad Match Management Gold

Traditional management of keyword match types within Adwords has changed dramatically as the years have passed, in particular as Google seems to have expanded it’s definition of how broad “broad match” really is.

While the profit volume one can achieve using broad match is tremendous, the risk is of equal proportion if it’s not managed correctly.

Most recently, the team (at the suggestion of Jered, who you’ll hear interviewed here) has innovated a broad match management technique which gives you the ability to more specifically manage this risk.

I have to admit, as common-sense and obvious as this one was, I didn’t think of it myself and heard no one else talking about it.

Enjoy this short but powerful interview 🙂

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