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All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too ūüôā

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

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Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G ūüôā

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Using Microcommitments to Increase Profits

What’s that? ¬†Do I hear some of you in danger off in the distance?
Are there too many money-sucking-conversion-leaks on your website?


Fear not! ¬†Today’s post and accompanying MP3 is something most marketers can quickly take advantage of…

And it all starts with something Perry Marshall told me about 8 years ago…

“If your sales process isn’t working, break it up into pieces” – Perry Marshall.

I think Perry first told me this over lunch in 2005…

And those words have rung in my ears ever since.

The vast majority of marketers forget just how mistrusting, frightened, and paranoid the average consumer is online. ¬†And hey, if the internet has proven ANYTHING it’s this: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you!

The consumer is reinforced for developing mistrust, fear, and paranoia online because even if the majority of vendors are trustworthy (and maybe only 1% truly out to scam you), when you multiply 1% by the sheer numbers of vendors on the internet the truth is you find a scam around every corner.

We live in a world where it’s sane to trust people only to the extent that they’re PROVEN trustworthy…

NOT “trust until people prove otherwise”…

Especially with internet vendors.

Know what the implication is for marketers?

You’ve gotta work a LOT harder to earn every little bit of trust along the way.

  • You can’t assume people will scroll down your page, you’ve gotta earn it…
  • You’ can’t assume people are ready to buy, you often have to get the opt in first…
  • You can’t always assume people are ready to opt in, you frequently have to earn their trust with valuable content, proof, and the look and feel of your site first…
  • And you can’t even assume people are willing to CLICK. ¬†Instead, you’ve gotta earn the right to pull them deeper into your site by being sure to cover the “3Ps” above the fold (problem, promise, and proof!)

Listen to this intriguing interview I did with Ryan Levesque all about Using Micro-Commitments to Increase Web Profits…

And if more than 20% of you don’t find at least one HUGE conversion leak in your sales funnel by the time you’re done I’ll shave my big hairy beard off! ¬†(Note: I haven’t seen my own chin ¬†since literally August of 1987, and Sharon will kill me if I ever show it again–she says it makes me an Adonis–so you’d better believe I’m confident!)

Oh, and when you’re done, get your butt into my Live Webinar Club (just $9.95/mo¬†as of the time of this post) and/or Personal One-On-One Coaching (openings available on January 1st, 2016 for the first time in three years) so you can interact with me and start plugging ALL the conversion leaks on your site!

The Strangest PPC Secret

OK, so here’s the strangest clickthrough secret I’ve come across in my years…

Something which has the capacity to take your prospect OUT of a competitive environment and position you as the obvious solution to their problem…

And something largely counter-intuitive, so I need you to stay with me please.

Here’s the secret…

When you’re in a high volume traffic stream, advertising to a specific demographic segment of the market can actual increase your volume of sales and overall profits, even–and sometimes especially–when that segment represents a smaller proportion of people searching.

For example, let’s suppose you’re selling a solution to stop excessive barking in dogs. ¬†Let’s call it the “Shut Up Machine” OK?

OK. ¬†And suppose we’re paying $1 per click for our best performing ad on “stop barking” for this ad:

CTR = 1%  Conversion = 1%
Cost Per Conversion = $100
Conversions Per 1,000 Visitors = 10

Now, let’s further suppose–and these are just wild assumptions since I haven’t actually researched this market–that the search volume in this market breaks down as follows:

  • Women Under 40 = 35%
  • Women over 40 = 30%
  • Men Under 40 = 15%
  • Men Over 40 = 20%

Common sense might suggest you’d need to keep the generic ad, because there’s no demographic which makes up the overwhelming majority of the market. ¬†(So one might think that advertising to women only, for example, would drop our clickthrough by 35%, since women represent 65% of the search volume).

But in many cases I’ve seen this just isn’t true. ¬† ¬†Especially if you’ve analyzed your BUYERS and found a bias therein.

For example, suppose’s buyers were 50/50 men and women, despite the fact women outnumber men 2 to 1 in search. ¬†What this says is, men are disproportionately responsive.

Now suppose we dig even further (by surveying our buyers) and discover that 80% of our male buyers are over 40. (We’d expect only a slight bias towards the over 40 range given the search volume breakdown above) .

This tells us that men over 40 are especially responsive to our offer.  Indeed, 40% of all our customers are men over forty  in this scenario (50% of all customers are men x 80% of male customers over forty = 40% of all customers) , even though this demographic represents just 20% of the search volume.

In other words, men over 40 are twice as responsive to the generic offer.

Can you imagine what would happen to the system if you optimized it for them?

Here’s what I’d do in that situation…

I’d aggressively test optimizing a WHOLE PATHWAY for men over 40.

So we might write an ad like this:

And then we’d land them on a page with a story from a man in his 40s who wants nothing but some peace and quiet when he comes home from a hard day, finally finishes taking care of wife and kids, and just wants to relax.

We’d paint a before and after picture with that story…

And because we’d knock our visitor out with the “Holy Crap! ¬†This is exactly for me!” experience, we’d probably get an even higher conversion rate on the landing page. ¬†Let’s assume 50% higher.

What might the numbers look like?

This is the strangest secret…

Because often when you’ve done this kind of analysis of your buyers to isolate the most responsive demographic, you can create a situation where the CTR doesn’t drop at all.

In other words, you might be targeting a much smaller percentage of the market, but their click responsiveness makes up for their lack of presence in the market as a whole. (And even when that’s not the case, you can often make up for it with increased landing page conversion)

For example, you might see something like this:

A few important things to note:

  • Even though the CTR is the same from the PPC engine’s perspective, the truth is you’re getting a 5% clickthrough from your target audience. ¬†You just can’t SEE that because you can’t restrict the exposure to the rest of the audience in general PPC advertising. (Sometimes you CAN do this with email buys and banner advertising, but you’ve gotta be very, very careful because advertising vendors will often jack up the price for these kind of “selects” more than the increase in responsiveness warrants. ¬†Run your spreadsheets and know your numbers before testing this!)
  • Even though the price per click is the same, we get a bump in conversion by taking the prospect OUT of the competitive environment and re-assuring them we are the ONLY vendor positioned to meet their unique needs
  • As with so many other things in marketing, going after a “higher percentage of a smaller percentage” is so often the answer
  • There’s nothing to stop you from developing ANOTHER site for women over and under 40, etc. ¬†in order to look for more volume with additional conversion bumps. ¬†However, by rank ordering your customer demographics in terms of responsiveness you’ll be able to estimate the effectiveness of these efforts as compared to the time and money you need to allocate to accomplish them. ¬†(In the example above, we found women were modestly less responsive than men as a whole. ¬†Still, you should expect SOME increase in conversion due to the demographic segmentation (assuming you’ve studied how the product plays out differently in their lives), so it’s just a matter of math to guestimate which segments are worthwhile to pursue as such, and in what order.
  • There’s also nothing that stops you from ALSO running the generic ad if it’s profitable. ¬†(You should test ¬†running both a generic and a segmented ad vs. running only the segmented ad)

If any of this math was hard to follow, let me restate it in simple English…

  • If you survey your customer database, you might find you’ve got more women than men, more young people than older people, etc.
  • Compare the percentages you find in your customers to what and/or says about the demographic breakdown for search volume in your market. ¬†(Enter a few of the top search engine ranked websites to find out)
  • If you DO find your percentages are different than what you see in Quantcast, etc, that probably means there’s a demographic group that’s MORE responsive to your offer than average…
  • Test targeting a teaser ad and landing page to THAT unique demographic and see what happens


Got get’m!

Onwards and Upwards My Fine Marketing Friends…

You can clear away SO much confusion if you’ll just take the time to master a few fundamental conversion principles.  And now you can watch me do it LIVE on site after site.  (Get started as of the time of this post for less than $5)

Dr. Glenn :-)

Your ‚ÄúWeb Sales Hero(tm)‚ÄĚ

PPS – Want a simpler way to increase your conversions? ¬† Put evangelistic audio testimonials ¬†on your site. Listen, testimonials sell, but they’ve got to be done right. ¬† You want to support the specific claims you make in your USP with specific results obtained. ¬†And you need to get the customer to describe their results in contagious, emotionally compelling language that BRINGS THE TESTIMONIAL TO LIFE. ¬† (Do It Yourself | ¬† Let Us Do It For You)

PPPS – The above example is hypothetical. ¬†Please don’t attempt to advertise with these specific ads.

Make More Money By Turning OFF Your Advertising

If the escalating expense, difficulty, and time to generate a high volume of profitable internet sales is crippling your growth–or crushing ¬†your morale–I’ve got a very important audio for you to hear today…

Because it’s entirely possible that…

“You Can Make More Money by Turning Off Your Time Killing, Morale Crushing, Migraine Inducing, Pain-in-the-Ass Advertising System!”

Listen to this interview with Ryan Levesque, my partner in an extremely weird new marketing experiment which just might be your saving grace ūüôā

My 2nd Best Email Subject Line Ever

I’ve sent 419 broadcasts to my entrepreneurial list in the past four and a half years.

The other day, Terry Dean asked me to identify the best 25 or so for us to include in The Total Conversion Code. ¬†(Shameless plug). ¬†So I analyzed all 419 … actually it was 417 at the time… all 417 subject lines and click through rates, looking for patterns.

Anyone have a guess which subject line got the second highest  click through rate EVER?

I’ll give you a hint, it was NOT “Disturbed Emotional Copywriting”… that one was just a little above average, despite my best hopes. ¬†(A killer interview with Ben Settle by the way)

It also was NOT “I’m so ugly, so very very ugly” –> just average there too, ¬†but I particularly enjoyed writing that one!

“Time is running out” was one of the lowest of the losers… if subject lines were like kids in grade school, this one definitely had koodies! ¬†(How the hell do you spell Koodies by the way… anyone know the official word on that?)

OK… know what it WAS?

“all my audios are now on iTunes” (they ARE by the way – Glenn Livingston Mp3s)

The CTR on this was over 400% higher than the average, only beaten by ONE other message in over four years.

Why do you think this was?

I’ll tell you.

It’s the “no brainer” principle.

Establish valuable FREE ¬†content that sells… then tell people where they can get more.

They’ve already consumed the value… so you’ve got all the PROOF you need in the subject line because they’ve already EXPERIENCED it. ¬†(“Who wants more cookies and milk?” ¬†DUH!) ¬†¬†(By the way, you can use this same proof principle to establish proof for your physical products by simply using a nice product demonstration on video)

They already associate me with solving DESPERATE PROBLEMS (figuring out how to get prospects to buy, and customers to buy more)

And it’s a unique offer… right there in that puny subject line… “ALL the cookies and milk you missed!”

Desperate problem, unique offer, and overwhelming proof.

Establish valuable free content that sells, then tell people where they can get more.

Of course “that sells” is the kicker.

Know how to do that?

I’ll spare you the usual rhetoric about having to know your market cold, etc.

Let’s assume you do.

How do you define the “free line?”

The best phrase to write on the inside of your eyelids is “Useful but Incomplete”

Like, for example, giving people your SECOND best click through generating email.

Or creating amazing cheat sheets, and sharing genuinely valuable methods and tips, but not putting the whole SYSTEM together step by step for everyone until they’re convinced and willing to pay you.

Useful but incomplete.

Someone send me a t-shirt with that on it please.  Or a bumper sticker.

(I know… my wife is chuckling now saying that’s kind of how she thinks of ME… “Useful but Incomplete”… oh well!)

Here’s another one of my best (but not my absolute best) tips.

Almost NO ONE bothers TAGUCHI TESTING their email subject lines. ¬†But 90% of click through variance is all about the subject. ¬† And if you’re generating traffic from your subject lines, you could be generating twice as much with better subject lines!

Food for thought,

G ūüôā

PS – Have you see the new Guaranteed Video Traffic Service yet? ¬† We’ll be ceasing the case study discounts shortly (we’ve almost chosen our lot)

Important Split Testing Innovation

Like everyone else in direct marketing, I spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of split testing.  As well I should, because with ongoing, small improvements, implemented like a bull dog, you can radically change the performance of your whole sales systems.

Unlike everyone else, I urge people to have the patience to do their research and competitive intelligence thoroughly and precisely, so they’ll have the RIGHT INPUTS for their tests, to maximize the probability of results.

But here’s something I haven’t talked much about, which I really should (but Howie beat me to the punch)…

“Testing Juice” is a limited resource. ¬†We only have so much traffic and money to pay for it, and every test we do eats some of it for a while. ¬† ¬†Accordingly, it’s vitally important to PRIORITIZE your tests correctly.

Howie Jacobson, author of Adwords for Dummies, has developed an excellent paradigm for doing just that. ¬†In this MP3 interview (and accompanying slides) you’ll hear him walk you through it.

Of course, I won’t hide the fact that this is also a blatant attempt to get you to attend Camp Checkmate via my affiliate link (which entitles you to the EARLY BIRD pricing if you order soon, even though the deadline’s passed). But as always, both Howie and I took extra special care to ensure the content itself should be immediately valuable to you.


Dr. G ūüôā

More Math Can Make You Even More Money

The equation for the surface area of a wooden box is  (2 x (AB+BC+AC)) where the box has sides of length A, B, and C.

Who cares?  You do, if you want to make more money from your website.

You don’t have to understand¬†the equation, pass a test on it, or even run it through a spreadsheet…

What you DO need to trust me about is, if you take the same box and cut it in three pieces, the overall surface area goes UP.    Cut it in ten, and it goes up more.  Cut it in a thousand pieces, and you get  a LOT  more surface area.

Cut it in a million pieces and you’ve got saw dust with unimaginable surface area as compared to the original, so much so that a match lit anywhere near it instantly sets it aflame. ¬† (You’d have to sit for a lot longer with the match under the original box before it caught fire).

The point is, if you’re trying to light a fire, you break your box in pieces.

The classic formula for website profits is T x C x D.  (Traffic x Conversion x Dollars of profit per sale)

Now, here’s a little secret to bring this to life.

When I first launched my guinea pig site 5 years ago it barely made $250/mo ¬†and I was a little despondent because I was targeting $1,000 profit per niche site at the time. (Please Note: I no longer recommend multiple micro niches as a business strategy, both because it’s harder to launch profitable niches these days, but also because the REAL money is in building a BUSINESS where you can go deep with back ends, cultivate customers, etc).

I asked Jonathan Mizel for advice.  He said:

“Glenn, if you double your traffic AND double your conversion you’ll be at $1,000”

It sounds obvious, but at the time I was stuck thinking about the overall profit level, and quadrupling it seemed an extremely daunting task. ¬† I actually went to work doubling the conversion (mostly I wrote more follow ups and added pictures) and doubling the traffic. ¬†It worked, and I’ve sold over 10,000 copies of that book to date.

Now here’s where this gets interesting…

Just like you can bust up a wooden box into more pieces to make it more¬†combustible, if you want your website to “catch fire”, ¬†you can do the very same thing with your entire sales system!

For example:

– In Adwords itself, traffic = Impressions x Clickthrough Rate

– On your website, “Conversion” = the percent of people who Opt In x the percent who Add to Cart (click the order button) x the percent of people who Complete the Order

So the formula really isn’t just T x C x D. ¬†¬†It’s Impressions x CTR x Opt In Rate x Add to Card x Complete Order. (Five factors)

Now, here’s where you can see the “combustibility” factor of breaking down the dollar generating process on your website…

If you think of your profits in terms of only Traffic x Conversion you still have to achieve monumental increases in each factor in order to double your profits BUT…

When you “bust up” your profit generation into 5 pieces, a mere 14% improvement in each piece DOUBLES your profit!

Download Spreadsheet |   Join Club |   Recommended Beginners Blueprint

I don’t know about you, but finding 14% more impressions in Adwords doesn’t seem so daunting. ¬†Nor does increasing my CTR from 1% to 1.14%, my opt in from 15% to 17.1%, increasing order button clicks from 10% to 11.4%, or reducing shopping cart abandonment from 75% to 71.5%.

In fact, they all sound rather easy if I just focus and test and tweak a bit.

But when you take them together, you IGNITE the business and DOUBLE the profits. ¬†(This is what Jay Abraham used to call working on the “geometry” of your business, just taken to a new level online)

You can go even further with this, of course, because you can bust-up ANY piece of your sales machine and make it more combustible. ¬†For example, you could¬†view and measure your salesletter conversion as Views x Percent Who Scroll Past First Screen x Order Button Clicks x Order Completion. ¬† Or you could break up your opt in process into two steps as I’ve been consistently recommending.

It’s just a matter of conceptualizing the pieces, installing the tracking, and then working on one piece at a time.

The take-a-way?

If you want your site to make more money, break it into pieces and light it on fire!

Hope it helps,

Dr. G ūüôā

Download Spreadsheet |   Join Club |   Recommended Beginners Blueprint

PS – Are you reasonably new to the internet, or have you had trouble making even one site profitable? ¬†Most people don’t know I created an entire A to Z Blueprint for Beginners.

It comes with simple one page cheat sheets which tell you the least you need to know about traffic, conversion, social media, web development, copywriting, and everything else you need to know to get up to speed quickly. ¬†(It includes Terry Dean, Fred Gleeck, and others, so I actually often refer to it myself when I’m working in one of their areas of expertise, like SEO Blogging or Professional Speaking)

I really wish something like this was available when I started!  A to Z Blueprint for beginners

PPS – As compared to the above, The Hyper Responsive Club is where I present all my best thinking about how to establish a Center of Gravity online which you understand and sell to better than anyone else.

Whereas the Blueprint product above is intended to get everyone up to speed with the basics of internet marketing as I see it (and to steer them away from the 99% of false prophets and scamsters) the Hyper Responsive Club is where you can leverage my unique and powerful experience as both a Fortune 500 researcher and a consumer psychologist. Everyone should join the club, but only people who haven’t yet made a profit online should purchase the Blue Print product.

I hope that clarifies things (we’ve been getting a lot of questions)

Download Spreadsheet |   Join Club |   Recommended Beginners Blueprint

Using the Search Query Report for CTR Boosting Ad Copy Ideas

I’ve got a short but powerful observation for you today which involves the Search Query report.¬†¬† And I THINK it’s something new no one’s really talking about.

But first… You ARE tracking conversion and running the Search Query report at least monthly, right?¬† Good!

(Hint: over 70% of the AdWords accounts I’ve audited, including many accounts spending $10K+ per month had NOT run this report and had no idea what to do with it… even just running it and staring at it will give most Adwords marketers who’ve been tracking conversions instantaneous ideas for saving money, increasing Quality Scores, and getting more traffic… what are you waiting for?)

Anyway, here’s the simple idea.

When you’ve got broad match running in a relatively high volume adgroup, for example “migraine relief”, the search query report will show you all the queries it’s expanded the keyword to using it’s fuzzy logic (except those which have not yet received a single click).

And you’ll also see the individual click through and conversion rates for each of these fuzzy-logic keywords.

Now, the traditional advice for processing the search query report is to mine it for negative keywords (low performing queries which might be dragging your CTR down on the broad match), and possibly peel and stick under-performing keywords out into their own adgroups so you can write a more specific ad, and possibly a more specific landing page.

Good advice.

But here’s the part people aren’t using.

A lot of the high-click-through longer phrases you’ll find in the report are actually BENEFITS which make for great click through enhancing ad-copy, not only in the adgroup you found them in (in the search query report), but across a good deal of your campaign.

So for example, in the search query report for a broad match bidded phrase like “migraine relief” you might see the following high performing phrases (suppose the average clickthrough on the broad match by itself, as reported in the interface, is 2%)

“natural migraine relief” –> 3.4%

“kill your migraine” –> 5.2%

“herbal migraine supplements” –> 7.2%

(Note: these results are fictitious)

Well, what I’m saying is, start testing ads with all these text benefits in¬† headlines, body copy, and the display URL… FOR THE ORIGINAL ADGROUP AND SEVERAL OTHERS, and you might very well find you’re significantly boosting your click through rate.¬† That’s because the fact people are searching for them represents a desire in and of itself, and the fact they’re clicking on your ad in large number after searching represents the synergy between the search phrase and your general proposition.

For example, we might test a new ad like the following in our original broad match group (excuse me for the overly simplistic illustration– you’ll need to be more creative than I to really make this work but I think you’ll get the point):

Natural Migraine Relief
Herbal Migraine Supplements
to Safely Kill Your Migraine

See where I’m going?

Good, now you go there too!

Hope it helps,

Dr. G ūüôā

PS – As a FREE bonus for joining my Hyper-Responsive-Marketing-Club, you’ll get immediate access to my advanced Adwords bonuses AND a FREE copy of Adwords Checkmate AND How to Choose Your Market.¬† (Important Note: The price on the club will be raised on January 1st or when I reach 1,000 active members, whichever comes first, so this is your last chance to lock in the current low rates)

PPS – Tomorrow, my long time weekly mastermind partner Markus Roman is going to release a brand new, never before seen resource for dramatically boosting your click through rate.¬† He’s going to provide a special price for my list through the end of the weekend, so PLEASE watch your email very closely as he can’t provide exceptions for people who email customer service on Monday, etc.¬† (My apologies in advance)

Peel and Stick in the Real World


People tend to become very myopic about their Google accounts, and often fail to see the broader picture.

Google doesn’t work the way it does just to benefit Google.¬† They’ve developed a very granular “peel and stick” reward system because that’s the way marketing works in the real world.¬† In fact, it worked this way long before we all so easily exchanged electrons at almost-better-than-light speed.¬† (Listen to the SHORT MP3 at the bottom of this post)

Because most people don’t get this, they don’t fully leverage the REAL conversion power of peel and stick.¬†¬† Instead they thoroughly master the technical aspects of working within Adwords, but leave their Adwords copy, landing page copy, salesletters, and follow up sequences entirely too broad to take advantage of the targeted, cheaper traffic the Google machine makes possible.


Their reasoning has to do with market volume.¬† They want to ensure they can sell to high volume keywords in the market.¬† But as a result there’s no real specificity in their follow through, so the system as a whole remains dramatically less focused and effective than it really should be.

Here’s the one liner to write inside your eyelids:

“Great things happen when you CONTRACT your message, NOT when you expand it”

To make the concept more palatable, I recorded this short interview with Sharon about marketing success OFFLINE, in the real world.

I thought it might help you to see how big brands (not the big dumb ones Perry always talks about, but the SUCCESSFUL big brands who have launched effective and massively profitable campaigns via well researched and well thought out market positioning) utilize this principle when they’ve got literally BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Because you’d think of all companies, they’d be the ones concerned about market volume, and would look to target a very broad spectrum of the market with their positioning.

But it turns out the opposite is true, at least for those really well run and successful brands.

This one really fascinated me personally…

And I have to say, after 22 years, my wife still entertains me!

I really hope you’ll listen.¬† And I don’t just mean I hope you’ll play the interview.¬†¬† I hope you’ll get the message and consider how it might apply to your market positioning, especially if you think you’ve already got this one covered.¬† (It’s only 17 minutes, so you can listen right now)


Dr. Glenn ūüôā

PS РThe central goal of the first month in my Bulls Eye Marketing Club is to achieve this type of focused messaging by developing 100% confidence in a drastically reduced keyword archery target.    (We use a spreadsheet which combines considerations of search volume, bid price, relevancy, and your ideal client definition into ONE number so you can confidently compare candidates).

When you can do that, you leave the “keyword candy store” and zero in on the exact keyword conversation you need to understand better than everyone else in your market so you can begin to achieve dominance.¬†¬† Click here to join now.

PPS – Don’t really write my one liner on the inside of your eyelids please.¬† That would just be gross, and I was just saying it for effect.¬† But I won’t object if you pain it on your bedroom ceiling or your front door.

PPPS – I’d also like people who’ve already joined my Bulls Eye Marketing Club to listen to this interview, especially if you have any lingering doubts about whether you’ve chosen the right target, or if your automated-competitive-intelligence-machine from month #2 is feeding back market requests you’re not sure you can deliver on.

My Best Thinking on AdWords, SEO, and Competitive Intelligence

Below you’ll find a FREE MP3 of an intriguing 45 minute conversation I had with my Director of Copywriting and Director of Sales at¬†Rocket Clicks. ¬† (NOTE: The call has been slightly edited to remove the details of our clients and their sites)

We did NOT intend to distribute this conversation, so I apologize for the speakerphone, but I thought it represented a unique opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall to see:

A) How a high-level copywriter interviews “in the trenches” sales people to elicit the benefits and objections necessary to write A level copy

B) How my thinking has evolved into a more comprehensive, yet simpler system for building a solid internet marketing structure

The original purpose of the call was for Tony to get the material he needed to develop a consultation form like the one we’ve got here, but targeted at people who wanted more than PPC management… instead desiring a more comprehensive package including market research + site design/repositioning + PPC/SEO.

You see, it’s been several years since I originally innovated and presented the How To Double Your Business process, and I’ve moved WAY beyond the advanced survey methods I originally presented. ¬†The way I approach markets presently is simultaneously ¬†simpler and more powerful.


The most successful of the 100+ clients I personally audited at Rocket Clicks last year (especially those who seemed to survive the economic earthquake in the fall of 2008) were   focused on many, many fewer keywords, leading me to develop a set of algorithms for choosing the smallest number of keywords likely to make you the most money.

In fact, I now believe it’s ESSENTIAL ¬†to have a well articulated rationale for choose ONE dead-center bulls-eye keyword for your business… the one you’d advertise on if Google restricted your account to only ONE adgroup with ONE broad match keyword in it. ¬†(The “ultimate elevator speech”).

Considerations of relevancy, volume, and bid price are essential in making this choice.

And once you know your Bulls-Eye, I think it’s also essential to define a very small set of concentric circles around it … no more than six keyword groups. ¬†And you’d better have a good written definition of the CONCEPTUAL BOUNDARIES OF YOUR KEYWORD SET, or else you’ll wind up wasting time, money, and diluting your conversions by aiming off your “keyword archery target”


Once you know exactly where your keyword archery target starts and ends (and why!), I’ve innovated a NEW method for leveraging social media, competitive intelligence spy tools, and RSS fees to set up one systematic and comprehensive competitive intelligence dashboard…

Then identifying YOUR SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT COMPETITOR and totally reverse engineering their web testing diary. ¬†(I’m not just talking about the stupid PPC spy tools … I’m NOT NOT NOT talking about figuring out what web changes they made which made them successful in the first place)


On the foundation of a more clearly defined and simpler keywords set AND comprehensive competitive intelligence, we then utilize the survey process to find point of difference benefits for the market.


With a clearly defined bulls-eye and keyword archery target, the knowledge of who’s winning the game on that target and why, the consumer language, emotional benefits, and point of difference benefits in hand, the process then proceeds to UNIFY ALL YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATION AROUND A ¬†SINGULAR, WELL RESEARCHED USP.


SEO and PPC are expensive and time consuming.   The gorillas who survive are the ones who know exactly where to FOCUS their time and money.   The new Livingston Process ensures you eliminate waste and laser focus on a hyper-responsive message for the short set of keywords which define your business.

6) OPTIMIZE YOUR CONVERSION: ¬†Multivariate and Taguchi testing are still VERY powerful tools (always will be). ¬†But they’re only useful when you’ve got the RIGHT INPUT to test. ¬† The new process above ensures you’ve always got a prioritized list of options for continually bringing your business to the next level.

Enjoy the¬†FREE MP3 below please! ¬†ūüôā

ACTION OPTIONS: Do all this yourself, hire us to do for you,  or have me coach you through it personally.