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All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

PS – If you haven’t already joined the LIVE CONVERSION WEBINARS club, you should do so now.  If for no other reason than (a) the “best conversion secrets of 2012” video is about to scroll out of the archived club recordings and become a $67 product in it’s own right; (b) the “Persuasion Architecture” bonus audio contains the crowning jewel of all my work for the past 8 years and (c) today you can still download both of these for less than five dollars

PPS – If you’ve been through the hyper-responsive club but never got around to implementing the work (or not quite as thoroughly as you wanted to)–OR–if you’re servicing clients and think whitelabeling Glenn’s hyper-responsive bulls eye research behind you might make you look stronger to your client… get your tuchas over to

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A ZILLION Ps S:  Would much appreciate you SHARING this page, posting it in your forums, passing around the PDF by email to ALL your contacts, and telling your mama’s how cool it is to have Dr. Glenn’s stuff. (Not particularly modest, but hey, I’m too old for that)

CHEAT SHEET: 4 Video Salesletter Conversion Boosts

In my last interview, Ryan Levesque was kind enough to share 4 Unconventional Video Salesletter Conversion Boosting Techniques.

Today, I just wanted to share the cheat sheet

And more importantly make sure you got a chance to start tracking with his story (read it to the very end and on the last page, please opt in to his list so you’ll be notified of the surprisingly affordable and amazingly 80/20-easy-to-integrate product I’ll be shamelessly promoting through my affiliate link)

4 Video Conversion Tips

Video Sales Letters are all the rage these days…

But do you really know how to use them?  When to use them?  How to optimize them?  How to create the “hypnotic effect” that boosts conversion?

Ryan Levesque does…

In fact, his obsessive (almost psychotic) study of video sales letters in the past 6 months is largely responsible, in my estimation, for his recent meteoric rise.

Fair warning… he’s going to sell you a (rather affordable and amazingly easy to consume 80/20) product in a few days…

And I’m definitely going to promote it…

But for today, I just wanted to GIVE you some of his most valuable tips for free (as is my custom).

Eat it up, yumm yumm, eat it up!

(I know I did)

G 🙂

PS – You can read his hero story here too.  (Affiliate link if you happen to buy later on)