Cheat Sheet: Six Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail

Here’s the PDF of the PowerPoint slides from yesterday’s video “Six Unusual Reasons Internet Businesses Fail.”

IMPORTANT: I haven’t opened for new clients in my coaching practice
for almost three full years now.  I’m going to open for one day only
on January 1st, 2016 because I’m feeling a little rusty when it comes
to working with NEW clients…and one of my primary responsibilities
is teaching business coaches how to work with their new clients!
But I’m getting older, busier, and a little more interested in leisure time
so this very well may be the LAST time I take new business coaching clients.
Therefore, if you’ve got any interest in working with me, please read through
the letter at and sign up for the priority notifications list at
the bottom.  The spots will go very quickly, so please watch your inbox on
New Year’s Day after you sign up for the priority notifications list.  The letter
is at