Choking the Chicken for Fun and Profit

So, I have a very good, but VERY strange friend these days…

He’s a high-end copywriter who lived with a copy-writing legend we all know and love for a few months.

I find it difficult to have great copywriters for friends…

Because they’re constantly distracting me with their emails, especially their subject lines…

I mean like DISTRACTED with a CAPITAL “D”…

TODAY  I got an email with the subject line “choking your chicken” from him.

I’ve got ask you this…

How the HELL am I supposed to get ANY work done when someone I know and respect sends me an email about “choking your chicken?”

Of course I read the email, which linked to an interesting lesson about “chicken rental” offers.

So I had to ask him “how the heck do you come up with one email after the next that I absolutely, positively, have to STOP EVERYTHING to read?”…

I mean, I KNOW the formula is “Curiosity + Benefit = Eyeballs and Clicks”…

But his EXECUTION OF THE FORMULA is just soooooo damned compelling I felt like there was something I was missing.

Know what he told me?

“It’s because I enjoy it entirely too much”… and he meant it.   Apparently he bought pet chickens a few months back—(which is in and of itself, by the way, and I don’t care what kind of vegan freak you happen to be, just plain WRONG!)—and had been dying to use the line ever since.

It’s like his emails are his one chance to be evil and irreverent in his attention getting maneuvers… and then he just finds a way to link the subject line to a story, and the story to a sale.  (His email links to a compelling story about his pet chickens.)

It all start with irreverent, outright enjoyment of his evil little mind…

“I want to use ‘choke the chicken’ in an email” (heh heh heh – insert slightly maniacal laugh here)…

Then he takes that curiosity and links it to a benefit (in this case fun and profit)…

Conjures up a story to match and there you have it!

It’s sick, it’s twisted, but it works damn well.

BTW, here’s his email, reprinted with permission:

SUBJECT: chocking your chicken

I had an idea this morning.
An idea that could make you a lot of cash FAST.

Heck, if you only get a mere 20% of the results
I’ve gotten from this, it could TRANSFORM
your business… practically overnight.
My choke your chicken for cash plan is here
(hyperlinked to his pet chicken story)


Anyway, if you want to study his style in more detail, he’s got a GREAT print newsletter I suggest you sign up for via my shameless affiliate link.

In the meantime, maybe we should all be asking ourselves what evil little daily thoughts WE could be using to grab attention, link to a benefit, and make some cash from our markets?

Until then,

Glenn 🙂

PS – Going forward I plan to call this email writing strategy “choking your chicken” and I give you all permission to “choke your chickens” until your heart is content.

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