Effective Guarantees – The Vomit Principle

Here’s a thought for you…

A REAL guarantee in today’s day and age should be so strong it makes you feel like throwing up!

See, the very essence of a guarantee is RISK REVERSAL:  You don’t know you’ve done it right UNTIL YOU FEEL THE RISK.  If you’re feeling perfectly safe when you first consider your guarantee… if don’t feel at least a little bit nauseous…it’s almost definitely NOT strong enough!

Of course, I’m NOT suggesting you do anything foolish.

  • You’ve gotta know the economics of your business inside and out…
  • You’ve gotta KNOW which customers you can satisfy and which ones are gonna be nothing but trouble (the stronger your guarantee is the better screening and filtering mechanisms you’ve got to have in place)…
  • You’ve gotta review everything with an attorney to be sure you’re totally covered…
  • And most importantly, you’ve got to be THAT GOOD!

I honestly believe the days of the wimpy guarantee are numbered. For example, it’s simply NOT good enough in today’s day and age to give people 90 days on a DIGITAL product.  

You may be comfortable with a money back guarantee on a digital product because you know you’re not really risking anything…

But these types of guarantees are SO common place, you’ve got to remember the customer knows you’re not risking anything too!  (Even on a physical product, a simple money back guarantee is often not sufficient)

Here are some examples of successful guarantees I’ve used and/or have considered appropriate in the past:

  • How to Choose Profitable Markets:  “Even after the first 60 days, you’re protected by a second guarantee.  I call this the “Double Confidence” guarantee.  If you follow the strategies we lay out, and you don’t find a market which proves to be profitable for you, we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back for one full year”… see the site for full details of guarantee, etc.
  • Guaranteed First Page Video Listings on Google for the Keywords of Your Choice or Your Money Back:   Everyone knows Video SEO is the “next wave” in emerging media.  The major engines are 5,000% more likely to index a video as a static site (according to Forrester Research).  While other video seo companies will charge you a fortune to even attempt ranking for you, I had a company which GUARANTEED it.  Not “satisfaction guaranteed” but RANKING guaranteed.  As in, you’ll see your video on the first page for your keyword or you don’t pay!   (Note: This offering is unfortunately no longer available.)
  • I’ll Build You an Affiliate Business and Guarantee $7,500 Income by December 31st… Or I’ll Buy It Back From You at Full Price!

Now, I’ve gotta tell you, I felt completely nauseous the first time I put these guarantees on paper.  I spent lots of time looking over the way they were worded, and especially for the higher ticket items,  working on the exact definitions and terms.

But I no longer do.  I’m no longer frightened, because I’ve done what it takes to (a) ensure I can deliver; (b) ensure I’m truly in a position to honor the guarantee if I don’t.   If these two things weren’t true, I wouldn’t launch the guarantee.

So I submit to you that these types of “nauseating guarantees” provide a  strong competitive advantage in the market place.

Now… IF the above aren’t enough to get you considering “the vomit principle” for your own guarantees, consider this…

There was a recent article in the paper about a car dealership’s radical guarantee: “Come on in and take one of our new cars home to drive for a full month.  If you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll buy it back”  (Thanks to Ian Hollander at Karmic Consulting for pointing this out to me)

Naturally, sales went through the roof!

I think, in an internet full of con men, TRUE RISK REVERSAL is a refreshing oasis for the often jilted consumer.

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Food for thought,

Glenn 🙂