Disturbed Emotional Copywriting with Ben Settle

Let me ask you a question.  If the following four emails appeared in your inbox, which one would arouse your curiosity?  Which one would you be most likely to click?

  1. “30% off today only”
  2. “trust me on this one Glenn”
  3. “it ends tomorrow”
  4. “disturbing things I do in the phone”


Ben Settle is a master of mixing entertainment and sales.  He writes some of the most compelling subject lines I’ve ever seen (he says he grabs ideas from Comic Books), and implements a very unique style in his blog.

Honestly, I can’t help but look when I get an email, or see a new post from him in my Google Reader.

This was one of the more entertaining and fun interviews I’ve done this year, enjoy!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Be sure to download the comic book classified scans we talked about in the interview.

PPS – In order to use emotional copywriting effectively you need to have KEYWORD FOCUS.  That’s because you can’t know the concerns, objections, and true motivations of your market if you don’t know where your market begins and ends online.  And because the internet is indexed by keyword, you really need to isolate your single most important keyword using very solid rationale.  It’s the only way to write truly powerful emotional copy that attracts hyper-responsive prospects!