Emotional Marketing Virgin

A few weeks ago, Sharon and I held an emotional marketing workshop here in New Hampshire.  It was quite a diverse crowd including Bryan Todd, Elsom Elridge, Terry Dean, and Drew Bishop from Perry Marshall’s office.

Drew, who’s a brilliant, organized, enthusiastic, and kind hearted dynamo, … was relatively new to emotional marketing, and in particular to psychologists who worked in the field.   He describes himself as both thrilled and frightened.  (To be kind to him, we covered our horns)

In this 30 minute follow up interview you’ll find out why this emotional marketing virgin is now one of our biggest fans with plans to use our emotional marketing techniques for the Adwords operation.

Enjoy 🙂

PS – If  you’re interested in coming to the next emotional marketing workshop or teleseminar, please contact Sharon via her website (www.tlgonline.com) or on Twitter.