Enough with the SEO Voodoo Already

Are you totally sick of not understanding all the SEO mumbo jumbo out there?

Me too.

And I’m convinced it’s just another instance of  “confuse and conquer”.

That’s why I asked Ty Price, Director of Ecommerce at RocketClicks.com (and now also a partner in the business)… to spell out in Plain English exactly what’s involved in getting free traffic, especially for PPC based websites.

Ty’s kind of like a “Buddha” around the office.  He has an uncanny knack for remaining calm in the face of any “urgent” business situation,  and a particularly friendly and easy way of simplifying supposedly complex issues.

So enough with all the SEO Voodoo already.  It’s not so complicated… listen to this FREE MP3 and you’ll be able to explain it to your 7 year old.


Dr. G 🙂

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