Four Strategic Pricing Mistakes

Pricing is something which I usually consider to be an empirical question. My standard advice is: “Start reasonably low so you’re more likely to get a volume of orders… then use that transactional velocity to create market intelligence with speed by aggressively split testing offers. That way you’ll distinguish buyers from non-buyers, and once you’ve optimized other factors you can start split testing price until you reach the sweet spot”

But there’s actually a lot more to it than that…

– How many options should you present?
– How do you set the buying criteria from a pricing perspective?
– What’s the cost of your prospect doing nothing?
– How can you “dollarize” the cost to your prospect of choosing to do business with your competitors?
– Etc.

I’ll be shocked if you don’t get dramatically more ROI by listening to this brief interview than it costs you in time.


Dr. G 🙂

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