Glenn Livingston Has Been Arrested

It’s 100% true…Glenn Livingston was arrested. Take a look at the mugshot herePretty scary what you can learn using Google Alerts!

Well, I haven’t been arrested, I’ve just been a little busy with health issues, which are all thankfully MUCH better now.  But you know what?  I very well could be arrested by the internet pricing police when they find out about this: I’ve decided to re-open the live web-critique and conversion club for just $9.95/mo.  That’s right, you can now get live, personal help from the REAL Dr. Glenn Livingston for less than the cost of your grandma’s swimsuit… and as an added bonus you won’t need therapy after looking at it!

Seriously, what if all that stood between you and three times more profit from your existing traffic were just a few simple tweaks?  What if you could get LIVE, individual, personalized help from ME to dramatically improve your site’s sales conversion?  And what if you could also watch the best of the best recorded-live web critiques I’ve done so you could actually see how theory gets implemented on real sites with real people…

For just $10/mo?

I’m happy to announce the grand-reopening of the Make Them Buy Club now at just $9.95/mo.

This is a live, monthly web-critique club which was one of the most successful things I’d ever done about three years ago.  However, I had to close it because, at the time, it was consuming too much of my personal bandwidth and I didn’t yet have enough trained conversion experts to properly assist me with the preparatory work.  (Because we thoroughly research what’s working in the market before we review a site, it can take 20+ hours of a skilled marketer’s time to provide the context necessary for the review)

In any case, with the development of my other live training and certification systems, all that’s changed now!  And in retrospect, I realize the live, monthly web critiques were a big part of how I helped others become successful.  For these reasons (and others you can read on the site,) I’m now going to RE-OPEN the club…

And even better, because the primary purpose of the club is to give you all a chance to connect with me personally and warm up to my methods–not to generate a profit in and of itself–I’m going to offer it for a measly $9.95/mo.

Now, as you might suspect I DO have a selfish reason for doing this.  I’m secretly hoping some of you will want to move on to our marketing coach certification program once you see all the value in the club. But there’s absolutely NO obligation for you do to so, and I know up front that only a very small percentage of people will want to do this… so I promise there’ll be NO pressure!

Plus, I’ve included several immediately downloadable items which will open your sales-conversion mind wider than a hippo’s mouth in just a few hours…as soon as you log in!  (You don’t have to wait for the first live event):

– The BEST conversion insights of the previous club!  As soon as you’re inside, head over to the recordings section and download the “Best Of” video to see a succinct, 90 minute review of the most powerful sales insights from the previous reviews we’d done and markets we researched

– Several recorded full critiques for you to get a sense of what you’ll have to look forward to in the LIVE events…

– And of course, the customary bonus audios and videos which were previously associated with the course.  (Click through to the website to review them please)

Now, if the opportunity to work with both myself personally AND one of my best trained conversion coaches, as well as the above isn’t worth $9.95…I’ll shave my head and dress up like a bunny rabbit!  

But I’m not too worried about having to do that…

Because trust me, you won’t want me to do this once you see what’s inside.  (You wouldn’t want me to do it if you ever actually saw me dressed up like a  bunny rabbit either, but that’s entirely besides the point)

Now, if the above isn’t enough to get you to join the grand-reopening of the Make Them Buy Club now for just $9.95/mo, here’s my best puppy dog face to motivate you:


The Very Good Dr. G 🙂

PS – Seriously, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.  I was hounded for
almost two years to re-open the club by literally hundreds of previous clients
who thought it was the most practical and immediately useful thing I’d ever
published.  I happen to have been more interested in the hyper-responsive
marketing club at the time, but admittedly it took a LOT more time, energy,
and propeller-headed dorkiness to make use of the information there than
in the Make Them Buy Club.   This club is just straight forward conversion

PPS – what makes Make Them Buy different than other LIVE web-critiques you
may have participated in previously is our emphasis on context.  See, we don’t
just jump in and vomit our spontaneous ideas about the sites we review.
Instead, we exhaustively research the market first, paying very careful attention
to which advertisers have been proven to sustain expensive positions in
the market first, and then rank ordering and comparing their USPs, calls
to action, brand positioning, the specific problem they appeal to, etc. Click here to learn more.

PPPS – Are you still reading?  WTF!!?  Listen, if you miss this opportunity the
odds are very good you’re going to want to repeatedly smack yourself in the
head with a spatula!  And I can’t have that on my conscience.  I’m happy to
announce the grand-reopening of the Make Them Buy Club now at just