Going Beyond PPC (Excel Tips for Productivity)

One of my coaching students has recently built a business answering people’s questions about Excel, and I wanted to let you know about it for several reasons:

1) If you’ve got virtually ANY question about Excel, just head on over to his site (www.Excel-Formulas.com).   He answers most questions (even fixes your excel sheets for you) for a pittance.   And right now, as his model is evolving, he’s answering them himself, which is a BIG plus for you, because I don’t know ANYONE who’s spent more time inside the Excel machine than he has.  (During the course of his research he’s answered approximately 1,000 very tough questions, and debugged almost as many spreadsheets)

2) So many of us are “stuck” on the information product model,  we forget the internet is evolving to favor those who provide more human contact.   Have a look at what he’s doing and you’ll see an intriguing business structure most people would never have thought of

3) This student in particular is a master of getting traffic via guest blogging, and thus able to leverage his hyper-responsive research in an important additional channel beyond PPC.  Have a look at his excel formulas editorial piece.

4) The content in his editorial piece actually contains the four easiest Excel tips we should all know for productivity.  You might know these, you might not… but they’ll save you time if you don’t.

5) An excellent example of the hyper-responsive process done right

6) A solid guy for whom I’d like to do a “solid”.   (Hey, does anyone else remember “Linc” from the Mod Squad?  Or am I a hopeless old man now?)

NONE  of these are affiliate links.  I just thought you might like the info.

All my best,

G 🙂