Have More Fun at Work

About a month ago, I made a post about “The Myth of Work vs. Play” which stirred up quite a bit of controversy.

Terry Dean, in particular, sent me an email saying he wasn’t so sure he agreed with me.  So I suggested he and I do an interview where we could iron out our positions.  In the end, as you might expect, it turned out to have quite a bit of marketing advice within it (e.g. the evolving role of images as compared to text in marketing), but the most exciting part from my point of view were the specific techniques we each discussed for integrating play into work or…

How to have more fun at work (for internet entrepreneurs)


G 🙂


PS – There’s a little clicking sound at the beginning of the interview.   It goes away after 20 seconds, so don’t let it throw you OK?

PPS – I closed the personal coaching board to new registrants this morning for the rest of the year, no more inquiries please (sorry).