Help – It’s My Birthday and My Friends Can’t Sing

God, if you are truly at all merciful please help me.

Today is my 45th birthday and none of my friends or family can sing.  I mean, listen for yourself .  Sounds like a wounded moose in heat, right?

For the rest of you, I have a request.  To date, I haven’t seen ANY marketers present SINGING TESTIMONIALS.  If you’re so inclined, could you kindly call my testimonial line and sing me one?  I think it would be a real hoot, and would help me really stand out.

Just a thought.  It IS my 45th birthday today, which in all likelihood means 50% of my life is behind me.

Here are the numbers:

1-800-609-9006 x3591
(678-255-2174 x3591 for international callers)

Oh … even if YOU sing like a wounded moose in heat, I’ll still take it.

Would be really, really cool, thanks 🙂
(I’ll post some of them next week)