How I Won Over Perry Marshall’s Audience

As we roll out Joint Venture Fast Track this week I wanted to make one VERY important point clear to everyone considering building their own joint venture channel:  Winning the JV game involves more than just getting a big mailer to promote for you.  You’ve got to win over the hearts and minds of their audience too…

Of course, your partner’s endorsement goes a long way, but do you know what goes MUCH further?


No, I’m not advocating you ask your JV partner to send one of your “Selfies” via their Twitter account!  I’m talking about bearing your soul and telling the most painful part of your own journey.  Show them that you’ve been someplace much worse than they have, but emerged realistically and believably victorious.

Once you do THAT–provided you do it thoroughly and with 100% honesty–you’re no longer part of some “big boy’s club” who’s trying to siphon cash from them.  You’re ONE of them and they want to connect with you.

And it’s from this perspective that I’m re-presenting an extremely powerful interview Perry Marshall and I did many years back as we were first starting to JV together.  See, most entrepreneurs believe they should bombard a JV partner’s list with “Benefit Heavy” offers in order to squeeze out the maximum amount of cash…

But Perry knew we wouldn’t really win over his best customers that way…even with my strongest offers.  (This was particularly true since I was selling a “how to do your market research” system… and no matter how you slice it, research isn’t sexy!)

So he asked me to get on a teleseminar–which wound up being attended by more than 2,000 people!–and share my most intimate, embarrassing business story (ever).  If that wasn’t enough, I was to have my wife Sharon join us to discuss the total financial meltdown and near bankruptcy we went through from 2001 to 2003!

This was certainly enough to require a double dose of Kaopectate for even the most confident entrepreneur… but I really respected Perry’s instincts so I agreed without hesitation.

It turned out to be extremely valuable on many, many fronts. Listening to it you can’t help but absorb tools to better manage your most serious financial problems.

In fact, since the time of this one hour spontaneous call–which was recorded and distributed to literally hundreds of thousands of people–dozens of people have approached me in conferences, seminars, and other meetings to tell me the recording “saved their lives” and helped them get through some very serious financial downturns.  Strangers have hugged me.  People have come up to me in grateful tears.

In fact, this might have been the first time where I understood the notion of capturing emotion in an interview and distributing it’s power far and wide…

It’s also very entertaining – in a train wreck sort of way. (I don’t cringe quite as much when I hear it anymore)


While you’re listening, I want you to put your JV hat on and think about the business impact the interview had on Perry’s customers (and mine). Take a step back and think about how this interview effected people who’d never heard of me yet and had no idea what I was selling.  Think about the bonding impact it had with Perry’s audience…and then think about what story in your own past YOU could tell with 100% honesty, humility, and a little bit of shame to bond with YOUR prospective JV partner’s audience.

In under 60 minutes, two thousands of Perry’s customers and prospects got to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST me… and within a few weeks hundreds of thousands more!

Even though we sold nothing on this call, we laid down a VERY strong foundation for Perry’s audience to purchase my products and services in the future.  We sewed the seeds for a powerful, long term JV.

Listen soon, while you’re in the “learn how to JV” mindset. And then…build on this template to win the hearts of new customers for whatever JV partnership you set up.

And whatever you do, be sure to get in on the introductory price for Joint Venture Fast Track.  Because if you miss it, you’re going to want to smack yourself in the head with a spatula.  And that’s something none of us wants to see!  (Intro price good only for a few more days)


The Good Dr. Glenn 🙂