I Have 100 Trillion Dollars and I Can Prove It

I’ve got 100 trillion dollars and I can PROVE it!  In fact, here’s a picture of it sitting on my desk:

Impressed?  Don’t be.  Because you can have 100 Trillion Dollars too!  You see a few years ago in Zimbabwe, hyper-inflation caused the rapid devaluation of currency to such a degree it became necessary to print hundred trillion dollar bills just to pay for groceries.  (I’m not making this up… it got so bad they had to abandon their currency entirely)

Today you too can buy an authentic hundred trillion dollar bill on Amazon.com for as little as 27 cents!  Why do I feel compelled to share this with you?  A few important reasons:

  • First, I want to drive home the point that money is only an idea
    It’s worth what we all agree it’s worth, and what our government manages to sustain.  And because money is only an idea, it’s not something to get truly miserable OR exuberant about… it’s just a necessity of the system.  I’ve worked intimately with many millionaires
    (even hundred millionaires) and I’ve also personally been both financially privileged AND on the edge of bankruptcy.  My conclusion?  A reasonable amount of money is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a rewarding life.  And it’s a morally neutral force… you can use it for good, evil, or anything in between.  It’s all too easy to confuse money with happiness, and just as easy to confuse the lack of it with misery.  Neither is true unless you make it so, and you suffer needlessly when you do.  We’ve all got to master money while becoming wary of it’s power to obsess us on both extremes.
  • Second, I’d like to neutralize the power of the “I Fart Money” approach to sales.
    I think it’s fine for marketing educators (I don’t like the term “guru”) to share what they’ve done as long as it’s true and lawful… and it’s very difficult to sell in this space if you don’t have an “I Fart Money” back story of some kind.  But at the same time, I’ve gotta say it’s truly unfortunate how starry eyed people become when they see big numbers.  It tends to foster the fantasy that money will solve all your problems, the belief that money is all that matters, and the not-so-smart business practice of obsessing about people’s income when it only represents ONE side of the ledger!  (Seriously… I’ve experienced so many “other sides” of “I Fart Money” businesses given my position that I can say with complete confidence that knowing a businesses gross income is virtually meaningless)
  • Last, I wanted to illustrate how marketers can get an audience’s attention with dramatic statements WITHOUT having to support them with dramatic claims. Remember, the definition of “hype” is a promise without proof… so if you can’t prove your claims you shouldn’t make them.  But that does NOT mean you can’t find outrageous and interesting ways to engage your audience, then bridge this attention to something more meaningful and valuable.

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