Intellect, Fortitude, and Patience

Everything worthwhile I’ve ever accomplished in my life has boiled down to reliance on intellect, fortitude, and patience.

It’s never had much, if anything, to do with luck, “secrets”, and especially not short cuts.

Moreover, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who’s accomplished much of significance any other way.

Have you?  (I’m really curious – please let me know below)

And if not, then why are we all so perpetually curious and hungry for “the secret”?  What stops us from just getting down to the work of getting things done?  Of course, we all need to work SMART, but why do we all hold so tight to the fantasy that things will be different “someday” when we finally learn that magic something?  (“Someday” isn’t on the Calendar, I’ve checked)

What do you think?