Internet Marketing – What Do You Want To Know?

I’d like to give you something very special this month, because I know a lot of people are struggling, and also because, well, I like to give ūüôā ¬† (And of course, I know when I keep doing that, it’s like money in the bank because of the good will it builds)

Anyway, it occurred to me earlier this month during our Rocket Clicks strategy meetings that I’m now in a VERY unique position to offer you content because of the talent we’ve gathered. ¬†Literally, we’ve got not only some of the world’s best PAY PER CLICK TALENT, but also a VERY strong LANDING PAGE and ¬†CONVERSION team, and TOP NOTCH SEO TALENT too.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to put together a series of customer appreciation teleseminars and interviews with our team. ¬†(I might even do one of these live in person if enough people wanted to come out to Milwaukee for a day, but for now we’ll stick with the telephone and web distribution).

It’s simple … just answer two questions below (in the comments section) ¬†and I’ll take it from there, getting our absolute top talent to address your issues … and I won’t stop until we cover them all.

Here they are:

1) If you could actually sit down for 30 minutes with an entire team of skilled online marketers with expertise in PPC, SEO, and CONVERSION METHODS, and get a detailed answer to ONLY ONE QUESTION … what would that ONE question be?

2) How much of a difference would a genuinely solid answer to your question make in your business and your life?   Why?  Specifically what would change?

The more details you give, the harder we’ll work to address your question. ¬† (Note: in order to prevent spam we’ve had to automatically filter out comments with more than one URL, so please refrain from listing multiple URLs or we won’t see your question)

GO!  (Leave your answers in the comment section)