It’s Better to Sweat in Training Than to Bleed in Battle

“Its Better to Sweat in Training Than to Bleed in Battle”

I forget who said that, but there  couldn’t be more a appropriate quote to capture the mindset you need to succeed online.

Everyone’s in such a rush…

Everyone can’t wait to “get to the next level”…

No one can tolerate their current situation long enough to do their research, methodically develop their site, talk to customers and prospects, test and track, analyze the results, and rinse and repeat their way to success.

So instead, because they feel SO desperate to change their current state of affairs, they rush through all the steps.  Or they live on HOPE that someone will show them the easier, softer way, which makes them horrifically vulnerable to the next bright shiny object someone puts in front of them.

They refuse to sweat in training…

So they bleed in battle.

And they rush their lives away desperately hopping from level to level, never really being fully present to enjoy the scenery.

Although there ARE always dozens of opportunities to cooperate with your competitors, make no mistake, the Search Marketing landscape is a bloody battlefield which goes to the strongest, not the quickest, or the most hopeful.

It’s better to sweat in training than to bleed in battle…

Something worth thinking about.

Dr. Glenn :-)

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