LAST CHANCE: Beat the 2010 Price Increase

For those of you who don’t know, here’s how the Hyper-Responsive Marketing Club developed.

I started out as a psychologist and a Fortune 500 advertising consultant, doing work for large companies like AT&T, Lipton, Novartis, Whirlpool, Exxon, Nextel, Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Panasonic, Nabisco.

But I freaked out at all the travel and corporate nonsense (one time I had to go to Japan for a one hour meeting and turn right around and come home, seriously).

So, with Perry Marshall’s help (amongst others), I wound up in niche marketing, applying the same advertising research techniques to keyword research and analysis (and then product and sales funnel development) as I had used with the large companies.

It was kind of like an atom bomb… I entered 17 markets successfully (more or less consecutively). People noticed and started asking me to speak at seminars, develop my own course, and teach teach teach.

Well, the problem was, early on I didn’t realize the average person found my systems hard to implement. Not hard as in difficult… hard as in most people didn’t want to take the kind of time I was taking to research the market before they started marketing. (Hard for me to understand this, but that’s how people are I guess).

Anyway, after about 1,000 copies of the $1,000 system were sold, I had coached enough people who implemented it successfully IN PIECES AND PARTS to see that it WAS possible to get about 50% of the benefit with 20% of the work. Moreover, I just got SICK SICK SICK of people telling me it was brilliant but they’d never do it. (I haven’t actually vomited in 20 years… but if one more person told me that I swear I was going to break my streak… especially since I was getting letters and calls from the few people who DID do it and were paying off their mortgages, building full time incomes, thanking me profusely, etc)

So I TOOK THE THING OFF THE MARKET, and re-worked it into a much simpler system. At the same time, the internet had evolved dramatically, especially where Google’s rules for Quality Score were concerned, and it was no longer possible to just jump in and buy PPC traffic for a survey without having a substantial site which anticipated to a certain extent what would please the audience.

AND… I had started Rocket Clicks, the done-for-you PPC service which grew faster than any of us could have imagined, and gave me the opportunity to look deeply into literally hundreds of business models… not just in theory, but actually evaluating dollars in vs. dollars out so I could see what worked. (In the middle of the economic disaster in 2008 to boot)

The outcome was clear to me… I had to help people use my techniques on FEWER keywords, which they’d conquer with focus and determination, so they could establish a CENTER OF GRAVITY IN ADWORDS…

Turns out, the stronger you are on a bulls eye keyword, the more Google’s fuzzy logic algorithms can succeed in bringing your more traffic.


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Thankfully, fewer keywords also meant:

-Less competitors to study

– Less time spent managing advertising

– A clearer focus in SEO

– A pristine filter for separating the noise from the gold in the social media chatter

– An easier to write salesletter and autoresponder sequence

– Less money and other resources wasted on inefficient advertising

– A simpler and more hyper-focused web design task

-A generally more focused and successful business (and owner)

But if you’re going to focus on one center of gravity, you’d better have a logical, systematic way to choose it, otherwise you’ll never have the CONFIDENCE to put so many eggs in that one basket.

So I developed and tested a mathematical formula which accounts for volume, relevance, bid price, and combines them into one metric, as well as a process for identifying candidates and choosing the ABSOLUTE BEST ONE for your business.

It turns out that this FOCUS was the GOLDEN KEY which made it possible for people to start IMPLEMENTING my systems successfully. Because it cut down the work dramatically and amplified the results.

Moreover, as the social media world has entered the fray, it’s now possible to gather enough intelligence about your market without spending a dime, that you can put up a reasonably good site before you do your survey.    (In fact, for competitive markets I recommend to many people that they launch their project and build their survey into their opt in process)

Anyway, I can’t over-emphasize the power of what I’ve found. FEWER KEYWORDS = MORE MONEY.    And month by month I’ll show you how to implement this:

– Month 1: Choosing Your Bulls Eye Keyword

– Month 2: Building an Automated Hyper-Intelligence Machine

– Month 3: The Modified Survey Method

– Month 4: Turning Intelligence Into Words That Sell

– Month 5: Hyper-Design Principles for Your Bulls Eye Target

– Month 6: Building a Hyper-Responsive Follow Up System

– Month 7: Hyper-Converting High Quality Landing Pages for Adwords

– Month 8: Business Launch Cash Flow Planning

– Month 9: Over My Shoulder Adwords Launch Method

– Month 10: Public Relations for Bulls Eye Targets …. and so on.

But perhaps the best thing I’ve discovered is that people seem to learn best when they WATCH ME IMPLEMENT the techniques on a real business… NOT when they just hear me talk about it in a lecture like a stodgy old college professor.

So after a few months I got up my nerve and decided to crack the weight loss market and let you watch. (The first 2 months are on Migraines). Guess what… it’s working!

COURTESY NOTICE: Last chance to beat the 2010 price increase on the Hyper-Responsive Marketing club: (lock in your rates today)

Anyway… I suppose the last thing I’d like to say about the club is, because I’ve been around the internet marketing game a long time, and because this initially was more of a labor of love than a true business venture (I just couldn’t stand people not implementing my work), … I decided to deliver approximately 6 to 12 hours of content every month, rather than the traditional 1 or 2 hours most gurus provide for a LOT more than I charge!

I figured, the real business changing events in my life were full day seminars, where I really got immersed in a focused topic, and walked away with a single, practical insight.    Not dozens of rah-rah things I COULD do, but ONE thing I WOULD do to change my business when I returned.

So that’s kind of how I think of the club each month. And I WAS rewarded for my efforts…

– Over the first 9 months, I lost only 5% of members each month. That’s unheard of in this market, where the average retention is 70% (some people might want to join, just to see how that’s done)

– People DID start implementing and succeeding – I was able to raise the price every few months and because of the reputation (I plan to keep raising it until I hit major resistance, while letting people lock in their original order rate)

COURTESY NOTICE: Last chance to beat the 2010 price increase on the Hyper-Responsive Marketing club: (lock in your rates today)

So please permit me to summarize why you should join TODAY:

1) WATCH A REAL BUSINESS BEING DEVELOPED: This club is one of the very, very few places you can actually watch a real business being developed from scratch. In other words, I don’t only TALK about what to do in some electronic classroom in the sky, I actually SHOW YOU me DOING it as I develop a REAL business.

2) GET 6 To 12 HOURS FOR 1/2 THE PRICE OTHERS CHARGE FOR ONLY ONE: While most other gurus are charging $97/mo for only an hour or two of THEORY, Glenn’s delivering virtually a whole seminar (6 to 12 hours/mo) for much less.

3) LEARN FROM AN AGENCY OWNER: I’m not only a marketing educator, I’m a Rocket Clicks founder and I’ve seen hundreds of business models from the inside out. Which means, I don’t just guess about what’s working and what’s not, I’ve seen the dollars in vs. dollars out reports. I’m not talking theory!

4) I’VE LIVED IN THE REAL WORLD: I’ve consulted for dozens of real companies … Lipton, AT&T, Novartis, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Colgate-Palmolive, Bausch & Lomb, Nextel, etc. I might be known in our circles as “the guinea pig direct response guy”, but my techniques are explosive in these circles because they come from an entirely different industry.

5) I’VE DONE WHAT I’M TEACHING: I’ve launched over 17 markets profitably, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with the IM crowd. I’m not a guru who’s done nothing but be a guru.

6) I’M HONEST: You won’t get rich next month using my work. It’s not even within the realm of possibility. But you WILL learn how to build a secure foundation for your business so it can grow and grow and grow.

7) YOU’LL LEARN A DIFFERENT WAY TO THINK ABOUT MARKETING: Perhaps most importantly, I’ll teach you a different way to think about marketing which will last you a lifetime. *

COURTESY NOTICE:  Last chance to beat the 2010 price increase on the Hyper-Responsive Marketing club: (lock in your rates today)

Dr. G 🙂