Marketing Technique-itus

There’s something driving me nucking futz today, and I hope you’ll excuse my ranting to my list because my wife is tired of hearing about it, and my dogs just look at me like I’m an idiot.

(“No Dad, PLEASE… not the ‘Technique-itus’
talk again, anything but that!”)

What’s irritating me is something called “Technique-itus”,  which is the technical term we psychologists use for a psychotic obsession with new marketing techniques.

Can I ask you a question?  How many people do you know… and I mean REAL people, not someone on stage at an internet seminar, who’ve built sustainable businesses based on the latest shiny object bouncing across the IM product launch world?

Do you even know ONE?

Now, let me ask you another question … how many broken hearted people do you know who spent money they couldn’t afford on an ill-fated dream they thought this technique or that would finally put together for them?

(I bet that’s a much bigger number)

Here’s what I keep coming back to, and it’s actually something Perry Marshall taught me…

You need ONE way of generating traffic, and ONE way of converting those people into buyers.

When you get good at that, you can let everyone else worry about all the other methods and just pay a really, really good affiliate commission.  You can even do this for the other parts of business you’re not good at.

For example, I’m so good at PPC for traffic, and Market Research for conversion, that I not only let affiliates handle all my web 2.0 stuff and SEO, I was also able to attract a partner to run a whole company for me  (Rocket Clicks).

I’m really not saying this to brag. (Except sometimes I AM an idiot and I do brag … but que sera’ sera’)

I’m saying it to FOCUS you on the real question at hand which is …

Do YOU know what your MAGIC TWO are?

More importantly, what’s it going to take to cure your Technique-itus and get you to focus on THOSE?

Damn … I’d probably better stop getting so much gratification from writing these posts and get back to selling stuff by presenting benefit after benefit, etc.

But it’s really cool to have 30,000+ people who really pay attention to what you’ve got to say… I guess sometimes I abuse that priveledge.   But please don’t complain to me… you can just write my wife supportive letters.

And honestly, this IS an important message given where we all are in the world now, don’t you think?  Who among us can afford to be chasing shiny bouncing balls TODAY?

Hope I made you think. (That’s my job)

Dr. G 🙂