Money Is Hard When Its Easy and Easy When Its Hard

Here’s another important observation about money…

“Money is hard when its easy, and easy when its hard”

By which I mean, whenever I’ve gotten seduced by the idea of easy money, I wind up wasting a great deal of time, effort, and morale chasing a dream.  In contrast, when I accept that creating money requires genuine work, time, and effort, I find it comes MUCH more easily.

The other day I got an enthusiastic email from a member of my hyper-responsive marketing club.  It went something like this:

“I’m amazed at the level of focus your method provides, the confidence I have that I can actually implement what you’ve suggested, and the peace of mind it gives me that I really WILL be able to create the business I desire.   Clearly you’re the guy to follow to develop long term, stable profit.  But I need money now,  who do you recommend for short term, more immediate profits?

My honest answer was “no one”.

If short term, immediate profits were really so easily available, wouldn’t everyone be flocking to them?   And if everyone flocked to them, how long do you think they would actually be available?

Money is hard if you insist it comes easily, but it’s easy if you’re willing to admit it’s hard.

What do you think? (I really want to know, would you comment below please?)

Dr. G 🙂

PS – The whole purpose of the hyper-responsive marketing club is to help you FOCUS and develop confidence in your plans so you CAN settle down on a reasonable path to business growth and real profit.   It’s not at all hard as in difficult, but it does take time to build your system.

PPS – Notwithstanding all above, I can tell you that if you really DO need money in a pinch probably the best way to accomplish that is by offering your internet marketing skills as a consultant to hyper-local businesses (those you can visit personally, go have lunch with, etc).

You wouldn’t believe how primitive the vast majority of local brick and mortar businesses are with regards to their internet systems.  Just getting an autoresponder installed, setting up a blog, doing a little clean up of their existing site copy seems like magic to them.    Try walking into a few strip-mall stores and strike up a conversation about their website.   The average person on my list with a reasonable grasp on these things (never mind PPC) should be able to fetch $50/hr work  all day at minimum

PPS – I’m closing my private coaching program to new registrants on Monday, and I’m not sure if I’ll be offering it again.