More Adwords Changes – I Love!

ANOTHER Adwords change … and I LOVE it!

Used to be searchers “voted” on your ad by CLICKING, and, as all adwords users are familiar with, the higher your click thru rate, the lower cost will your traffic be, and the better your quality scores.

But here’s the news.  Adwrods seems to be testing the possibility of letting people REMOVE UNWANTED ADS ONE BY ONE.  (A tiny “x” on each ad appears – not on all results pages yet – probably still in Beta)

This might scare you … but let’s think it through.

What will the impact be?

– Less clutter of searcher screens by unwanted ads
– Users will think of the Google ads as a “sorting and screening” space … finding what they want more quickly
– Ad feedback will accumulate more quickly, since searchers can now effectively vote BOTH thumbs up (click) or thumbs down (remove).

Highly relevant ads prone to garnering more clicks previously will now get EVEN BETTER click through (less competition), and will RISE UP THE RANKS FASTER.  Less relevant ads will be devoured faster too.

Bottom line?

Adwords just got even more Darwinian and evolution now happens in double time.

Dr. G 🙂