My Most Disturbing Conversion Secret…

The time has come to share my MOST disturbing conversion secret…

It’s another one of those “nobody REALLY wants to
know the truth they just want an ‘easy button'”
kind of insight…

So I’m sure it’ll be a sales killer.
At least for a certain segment of my audience.

As I get older I’m willing embrace that cost.
In fact, that’s another conversion secret, just
not the most disturbing one:

There’s no way to connect with the RIGHT audience
without becoming a “hated merchant of truth” by
at least some of the people who follow you.

So be it!

What IS my most disturbing secret?

It’s NOT the “Cockroach Conversion Secret”  (Google it
if you haven’t seen the video)…

It’s also NOT the very disturbing things I do in restaurants…

Actually, it’s not disturbing in the grotesque sense of the word at all…

Just in the “very sad commentary on the state of things in society” sense
of the word…

Here’s my MOST disturbing conversion secret:

“You’ve Gotta Chase People to Get Them to
Do What’s in Their Best Interest”  

See, in my ideal world business should work like this…

You offer something of genuine value to the market place,
and you charge less than what it’s really worth.  This
creates a friction free market place where a lot of money
and value is always changing hands.

Because people are getting what they need there’s always
money moving through the machine.  And that keeps vendors
innovating and delivering progressively more value. Which
causes productivity to go up across the board.

In this Utopian world, you’d offer something in people’s
best interest and they’d just buy it.  After all, why wouldn’t
they?  Over and over again they have the experience of
getting both more than they paid for and improving their
lives… because all that was for sale in the world were
products and services which actually were in people’s
best interest!

SELLING WOULD BE EASY. And we’d all be smiling!  (Glenn for President!!!)


And that’s why consumers don’t just jump at
things which genuinely ARE in their best interest.

Now, that’s NOT news.  You already knew that.

The reason it’s a conversion opportunity is
most entrepreneurs forget the context, so
they experience the consumer’s reflexive rejection
of their genuinely-helpful-and-in-the-customers’-best-interest
product or service as a deep rejection of themselves…

Or they confuse this rejection with the notion that
their offer is no good, there’s not enough value, etc…

When all that really needed to happen was for the
entrepreneur to pursue the customer longer, harder,
and more passionately…

Unfortunately that really IS what’s necessary to get
people to do what’s in their best interest in the first place!

And because most entrepreneurs are unwilling to
do this, those who ARE willing are harboring one
of the greatest conversion secrets of all…

If what you offer really IS in the customer’s
best interest…


You owe it to them, to yourself, (and even to society)
to make them realize things will be much worse
if they pass you bye.

Unfortunately, this is why we ALL have to work
incredibly hard to get our sales funnels converting…

It’s also the reason the amount of time, money,
energy, and other resources which must go into
making your funnel convert is astronomically higher
than anyone thinks it will be at first…

And it’s why so many broken-hearted-entrepreneurs
come to me crying that they don’t have what it takes…

Which is a shame because a lot of them really DO
have what it takes, they just don’t KNOW what it takes
because they’re still living in the fantasy world 95%
of internet marketers inhabit.

But if connecting with the right customers is worth
it and you’ve got something which really will make
their lives better, then it’s definitely worth the effort…

SO KEEP GOING.  Put your head down and do what’s
necessary to reach your customer and convince them
you’ve got what they need.  Because in all likelihood
you DO…

But getting them to realize it is going to take a LOT
more than you thought it was.

You miscalculated.  So what!  Go back, lick your
wounds and get back in the battle better prepared
next time.  And then again…

Until those people wake up and smell your coffee!
(Or green tea, or carrot juice, etc)

And that’s the secret.  Be the one who puts your
ego aside and accepts that you’ve gotta chase
people to get them doing what’s in their best
interest.  While your competitors are giving up
in exasperation, you keep going.

Yes, we all wish things were different… but they’re not.

So go sell something!!

Dr. G 🙂

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