Using Emotional Nudity in Marketing

Here’s an interesting observation:   I get complaints on my blog when I diverge from strictly teaching marketing ideas in a kind of professorial manner, yet it’s these very same posts which generate the most interaction and sales (hands down)… why do you think that is?

Here are this year’s favorites (they all open in a new window):

Of all the above, only TWO contained extremely strong, immediately usable marketing information you could take and profit from within days.   Yet, the other 130 some-odd posts I made which DID concentrate on providing such information garnered half the sales and 1/3 the comments. (Go through the archives day by day, particular those posts categorized under Adwords, you’ll find incredibly valuable information if you’ll actually put it to use)

Why is that?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  I mean, don’t you all read my blog for money-making information?  For valuable marketing insights?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because your market only pays you if  you make them feel happy while you’re delivering your core benefits.

It’s kind of like going to the doctor.   Medicine isn’t sexy.  Shots hurt.

Which is why people don’t choose doctors who are all business.

Sure, they want to know the doctor’s reputation and previous success rate with their particular problems… but all other things being equal, PEOPLE CHOOSE DOCTORS WITH THE BEST BEDSIDE MANNER.

You want a competent doctor who treats you like a PERSON, not a bug under a microscope, right?

While you can’t feasibly interact with thousands of individuals, the next best thing is personal sharing, stories, and “emotional nudity”.   Which means TAKING RISKS, getting criticized, feeling humiliated and embarrassed at times, yet forging forward no matter what.

Speaking of which…

My 7 year old nephew Ben asked me why I don’t ever share my piano compositions with my list. (He wants to be a concert pianist and composer and I think he’s gonna get there).   I reflexively went to tell him “because they’re not really relevant”…

But you know what… that’s the cowards response, and it’s not how I want to influence him.

Because the more risks I take with my list to let you get to know me, the more risks I know you’ll take with YOUR lists to let them get to know you… which should mean more money, interaction, sales, and happy people all around.

So, somewhat against my better judgment, but in full keeping with the philosophy I’m espousing above, here’s a little something I wrote and played on Christmas at Ben’s house this year (the lady holding the camera is my sister Laurie), with nervous mistakes and all,  dressed in sloppy jeans and very messy hair from flopping around with the kids for hours on the floor:

Which begs the question… are you getting naked with your market?

Hope your Holiday week is going fabulously, and you’re planning for a successful decade ahead.

All my best,

Dr G 🙂

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