Odd Way to Double Email Clickthrough Rates

Know what’s kinda stupid?

Not optimizing your email follow up sequence to maximize clickthrough and dramatically increase your site traffic, that’s what’s kinda stupid…

Because you spend a lot of time, money, and attention to acquire the prospect…

And you CAN realistically double or even triple the traffic to your website with an optimized follow up sequence.

In today’s interview, Ryan and I discuss an unusual way to double your email clickthrough rate…

And we made sure to give you the 80/20 version after we explained the whole thing too! (Be sure to listen for it near the end)

Speaking of stupid things, wanna know something else that would be really stupid?….

Not getting started for only $4.95 (and locking in your rate forever!) for my bi-monthly live webinars this week before the price raise, that would be really stupid!

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The first bonus alone is worth 100 times the $4.95 it’ll cost you to download it, because plain and simple, it’s got the best conversion techniques Terry Dean and I have found to work across markets, presented in under two hours.  Many of which you can implement quickly.

But it’s the second bonus I’m most excited about, because it’s there that I’m introducing the concept of “Persuasion Architecture(tm)”… a powerful way to develop a two minute VERBAL pitch which keeps you focused and grounded in everything else you do.  (One of the biggest reasons I see for websites not earning what they’re worth today is lack of FOCUS… this is the solution!)

Anyway, as soon as I get the word from ClickBank that my preferred higher price has been approved, I’m going to raise the price forever.

But as of the time of this posting, you can still lock in the lowest rate I’ll ever offer on this, just as a reward for paying attention to me 🙂
(I guess if my Mom paid more attention to me when I was a kid I wouldn’t need to bribe you… oh well, my deep-seated psychological problems are your gain)

Seriously though, this is one of those head scratchers… I can’t understand why anyone who’s been following me wouldn’t jump on board.  Do it now before ClickBank approves the new prices please.  (Hey, at the very least you can say you finally “made money with ClickBank” right?)

Onwards and Upwards My Fine Marketing Friends…

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Dr. Glenn :-)

Your “Web Sales Hero(tm)”