Rambo Sucks at Marketing

There’s a repetitive conversation I’ve had with my coaching students about choosing the right market, and more specifically the right ENTRY POINT into a market, which I think bears your close attention.  (It came to a head a few weeks ago with a new student who shall remain nameless, but rest assured I see this REPEATEDLY)

As you might expect, given that my private coaching board is rather expensive, I tend to attract a fair number of experienced marketers who’ve got at least some success behind them, usually in some less difficult, lower volume, less competitive market.

Inevitably, they look at my methods and say “Wow, if I combined Glenn’s methods with what I know already, I could go into the world’s most competitive market head on, stepping right into the battle, and I’d not only emerge victorious, but unscathed, and I’d have billions of dollars streaming to me with a list of millions of hungry prospects I could email for free every day”

But it’s not true.

The BEST marketers don’t step head into the wind.

They carefully evaluate all the different approaches to a market, isolate the most attractive segment given the levels of competition, money available, relevance to what they wish to sell, and estimated cost per click, opt in, and sale.

In fact, the VERY BEST marketers find several such approaches into a market and develop multiple funnels (perhaps prioritizing and developing just one at a time).  They know that if a market is truly valuable, it’s worth spending the time to break it into pieces.

The best marketers are happy to serve only the best segments of a market, and are willing to put in the time, energy, money, and other resources to stake their ground, a little at a time.

You see, if you ARE as ripped as Rambo (excellent at PPC, SEO, article marketing, etc),  if your object is to build a solid business and there are thousands of wimps challenging you to a wrestling match, why not take THEM up on it, instead of going after Mike Tyson?

Do you want to prove yourself, or do you want to build your business?

Do you want to be recognized as the best, or would it be enough to just get wealthy?

Here’s how this plays out online:

  • You don’t build a site for “arthritis pain” (555,000 searches and one of the most ruthlessly competitive, expensive niches you’ll find), you build several, one at a time for things like “arthritis knee pain” (14,500 searches), “rheumatoid arthritis pain” (27,000 searches), or even “arthritis finger pain” (8,800 searches), etc. where you can declare yourself king (or queen)…
  • You don’t build a site for “Hawaiin Vacations”, you build several, one at a time for “Hawaiin Bowling Vacation”, “Kona Holidays”, and even “All Inclusive HawaiinVacations”…
  • You don’t build a site for “motorcycles”, you build one for “Salvage Motorcycles”, “Cruiser Motorcycles” (), and even “Motorcycle Choppers”…

Then you build some additional volume using broad match, but you take serious advantage of the relative paucity of competitors to really ramp up your conversion rates, and downgrade your price per click.

In other words, if you really ARE as strong as Rambo, why squander your strength (and your blood) in Viet Nam or Cambodia where you risk getting captured and tortured by the enemy?

Rambo sucks at marketing. (Sylvester Stallone, on the other hand, was a genius)

Not because he lacked the strength…

He just went after the wrong target.

Are you confident you’re going after the RIGHT target?

The first month of my club is entirely about developing this confidence so you’ll be able to focus and confidently move forward, instead of falling prey to distraction after distraction.

Hope it helps,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – The coaching board is currently closed for new members, however if you’ve got any interest, please get on the priority notification list as I periodically DO have an opening, but fill it rather quickly from this list alone. (Therefore I haven’t been notifying the main newsletter subscribers)